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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 23, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

    Obama Wins, Deficits Soar, and Captialism Takes Yet Another Hit


    62% of Americans surveyed don't like Obamacare... yet last week's debt ceiling deal allows the "Affordable (sic) Care Act" to continue to Steam-roll forward.

    70% of Americans surveyed wanted the debt-ceiling increase to be accompanied by measures to reduce the deficits... yet all efforts to address the deficits were beaten by Mr. Obama.

    90% of Americans surveyed wanted Congress and their staffs to live by the same Obamacare rules and costs as the rest of us are being forced to do... yet THAT initiative was defeated by Obama as well.

    All 3 of these popular issues above were championed by the Tea Party Republicans... yet Obama's dominance over printed, broadcast, and internet media was successful in driving the approval rating of that faction to less than 15%.

    America's Capitalsim, it's Global Competitiveness, and it's Solvency are all being HAMMERED by our current government, as growth remains sluggish, the labor participation rate remains at 35 year lows, and the deficits continue to soar.

    The reason? Obama is OMNIPRESENT. He communicates his Populist rhetoric via a virtual, media MACHINE. His main constituency, (the 45% of Americans who don't pay federal income taxes) literally eat his message up, while they're signing up for their "gold" Obamacare packages for pennies on the dollar relative to the huge price increases that America's Middle Class is getting shoved down their thoats.

    Now that the government is Open again, It's time to start hiring the 16,000 IRS agents who will be assigned the task of coming AFTER all us Middle Class americans, as we balk at paying the Obamacare subsidies that Mr. Obama's constituents will be recieving.

    It's indeed, a dark, dark week for the underground concept of "Capitalism"...

    ... and the brightest time of all for Obama's goals of American Socialism, that today shines brightly on the mountain top spreading the planet's most extravagant entitlements onto somebody other than YOU!


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