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  • thakur2 thakur2 Feb 21, 1998 11:12 AM Flag

    Iraq, Anthrax, Clinton, Israel and stock

    The potential war w/ Iraq is quite unfortunate...and it does seem that limited action will be taken by us to further cripple Iraq's military.

    Several events appear to be interconnected and for an observer of political currents some suggestions come to light. Israel
    is our ally and has many friends at Capitol Hill. It is in Israel's interest to see an economically and militarily weak Iraq. A
    case can be made, that through its influence in Washington, it has made a recalcitrant Clinton see its point of view through some
    pressure. I don't think there is a wag the dog scenario here..... Clinton is a comparatively good man whose weakness is being

    Regarding biological weapons: it is naive to think that any nation worth its salt cannot grow anthrax in an incubator. A
    bacterial strain of anthrax can be frozen away indefinitely (years) in a vial the size of cap of a pen. To grow it all one has to do
    is thaw the vial and grow it up at 37 degrees o/n in 10 litre of culture.....and a couple of days to get several gallons. From
    such cultures several thousand vials can be frozen and stored in different parts of the country. The whole operation can be done
    in a small room (7 feet by 5 fit the freezer and incubators) and palace compounds are not needed for such operation.
    There is absolutely on way to put a stop to it and the Clinton administration knows this.

    It does appear there may be air strikes to cripple Iraq further....the stock market may go down 5-10% depending upon the severity of the conflict and the unfortunate affair would provide investors to accumulate.

    Just my opinion.

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    • Your points are well taken and it makes sense given the scientific background you have provided regarding the anthrax. But
      tell me how many Americans are as knowledgeable as you are. If the media starts talking about dangers of anthrax and Iraq and
      etc.. certainly the ignorant people will support a military strike against Iraq and will satisfy those Israel supporters and plus
      Clinton's affair with Lewinsky will be forgotten. Im sure everyone knows that war with Iraq is just a diversion of attention on
      Clinton and Lewinsky.

    • Your obviously political message (considering the detail you have expoused) does not belong on a MRK message board!

      This is not a forum for YOUR political views, which are rather pathetic and misguided.

      In the future, try to express your political diatribes in the proper setting, ie: a political newsgroup. It is understandable to express views on how a possible war might affect the stock market, and hence MRK. The rest is unacceptable.

      Please spare us your unnecessary and ridiculous view of politics.

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      • Hello,

        Politics and stockmarket do have a relationship....and to expound on them (w/o getting too embroiled in strictly politics
        and keeping in view that the board is regarding MRK and stockmarket), is quite in line. A lot of people in fact have commented
        (and some quite belligerently) on politics and even Clinton's personal character and there was certainly no outcry. It appears
        that some of the expressed views (which can be in error as I am not a political insider) are contrary to yours and that is would be best that we agree to disagree cordially and go on with participation on the board.

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