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  • rmlagow rmlagow Jun 2, 2014 9:28 PM Flag

    Executives still silent about the township of Coleman, Texas on outrageous electrical rates...

    As of the close of business on Monday, June 2nd, 2014, after repeated calls to Mr. Akins' office, Mr. Tierney's office, Mr. Jones' office, Mr. Hall's office, and the list goes on... no response! Why are these executives ignoring such a critical call? How many other cites likewise to Coleman, Texas are being held hostage with exorbitant electrical rates? How many other cities likewise to Coleman are there... with contracts that lock these small townships and cities into 10 years or more, of rates that are two and three times over the current standard rates across the US. In my opinion, someone got paid off along the way! What is really going on with these types of contracts within AEP. Why are these contracts under a "non-disclosure" so that the general public and taxpayers are not able to see the details of these contracts? What is being hidden here from the general public and taxpayers in these small cities?

    I suggest a third party investigation to uncover the details. There are recorded details of several concerned citizens and businesses that have tried to access the details of these contracts and they are protected by "so called non-disclosure agreements"!!! I will continue shining a public light on AEP until we can come to an agreement to either address these concerns and re-negotiate a competitive program going forth for Coleman, Texas, or I will lead an initiative to force the issue through our state government officials, which I have a direct path to. One way or another, AEP will need to come clean with the taxpayers and concerned citizens of Coleman, Texas. I find it most disturbing that AEP's corporate officials choose to ignore my countless calls. Signs of wrong doing in my opinion!

    How many struggling cities are they affecting in this manner? I am begging AEP to come forth on this matter. So far, they simply choose to ignore my calls. While I am waiting for return calls from AEP, I will continue to keep this Message Board informed.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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