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  • rmlagow rmlagow Jun 3, 2014 1:06 AM Flag

    More Details Emerging on AEP's Contract with the City of Coleman! What is AEP hiding?

    In June of 2011, I asked the city of Coleman to give me a copy of the 2007 AEP contract. They refused and I petitioned the attorney general’s office. On September 27 of that year, the office of the Attorney General of Texas ordered the city to send me a copy of the contract.
    During ensuing months, as the contract became the focal point of political campaigns for mayor and city council, it was revealed that an amendment might have been made in 2010. In reply to both my request and the request of one other citizen, the city denied that such an amendment existed; so, again, petitions to the A/G were filed.
    This time, on July 17 of 2013, the A/G’s office denied my petition. In so doing, it not only denied access to the amendment: it also denied access to the 2007 contract itself, the very contract it had earlier ordered the city to provide to me. It’s a wonder they didn’t ask me to return it.
    It’s AEP's position that information in their contract with the city would, if it became public knowledge, harm their ability to negotiate competitively with other cities. I have a tough time believing that any AEP negotiation would hinge on information contained in a contract with a town the size of Coleman!
    The ineptness of past city administrations, obduracy of AEP and ambivalent rulings of the A/G’s office would be fodder for comedy had not their impacts been so disastrous. But Coleman’s citizens are forced to pay increasingly outrageous rates for electricity and our main street is blighted by deteriorating buildings abandoned by businesses that couldn’t afford to continue to operate. And the chances of attracting new businesses to replace the lost ones is little to zilch.
    Thank you for taking the initiative in a matter that has seemed, to this point, insoluble. If you can convince AEP to come out of the shadows that it’s in their best interest to look at the Coleman contract with a fresh set of eyeballs … there may be some hope for our little town.

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    • Copied from "AEP Releases 2014 Corporate Accountability Report" ---

      "Our 2014 Corporate Accountability Report recognizes the relationship between our financial performance, employee health and engagement, and our environmental responsibilities," said Nicholas K. Akins, AEP's chairman, president and chief executive officer. "Updating stakeholders on our efforts demonstrates our dedication to being transparent and recognizing the social impact of our activities."

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      • Ok! Thanks for posting Mr. Akins' statement on transparency!!! What happened on the city of Coleman contract????!!!!! It's not transparent at all. Seems that it is locked up for no one to see but city officials and AEP executives! What is hidden here? What is so secretive? There is something rotten in this deal. Keep digging for information concerned citizens of Coleman, Texas. I think we should form a team to go to state Attorney General's office next week. I have a direct connect to Governor Rick Perry. Maybe we should use it. Who is the city attorney for Coleman? Will someone please post that here. I understand there maybe a conflict of interest due to past employment? Who knows about the details on this? Please post here!

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