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  • mafischetti8g mafischetti8g Dec 19, 2012 2:48 PM Flag

    Next Quarter

    Victorio and I used to think that Tonce (aka plantmatter) was overly optimistic about BLFS, but when the new quarterly results come out and show that this Company may be profitable for the first time, we will probably see the price surpass $1 per share.

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    • Plantmatter, sorry to accuse you of being Tonce, but he seemed to disappear just as you started to appear. Tonce has probably accumulated a couple of hundred thousand or more shares. We all started with Cyromed, which turned into Blfs. Blfs was a pure speculation for me. Accumulating ten of thousands of shares at $.08 or $.10 didn't cost much. The financial backers of Blfs put in hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep the company from going broke. Now, for the first time, it seems like Blfs has costumers, and the opportunity to grow that costumer base into revenue growth. If the company can get over $5 million in revenue per year with good growth prospects, I am optimistic that its share price will go over $1.

    • Ha Ha funny but I can assure you Tonce and I are not one in the same.
      If I had to guess, Tonce works at radio shack in the midwest. (that is not to be read as an insult as I have met many briliant people at Radio Shack....)
      In any case we both independently ended up liking Biolife. However I am unsure if Tonce was able to hold out as we were both long time holders. I dont know when Tonce arrived, but I had been accumulating since 2006, and have sold small pieces along the way (twice recently). When this stock gets to a stupid level I just jump on it.

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      • Lets keep this message board constructive guys. Anyway, Plantmatter I feel it's already at stupid levels so I am buying a couple times a week it seems. The next quarter is going to be interesting for sure. Never really had intentions on struggling with the OTC and quibbling over 1/8s and 1/4s nor am I loooking for 100,000 shares etc! But I will be here for sometime and taking what you guys want to sell. So lets get the volume going shall we....HMMM

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