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  • pklocek2000 pklocek2000 Dec 22, 2002 9:05 AM Flag

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. May 2003 bring a big bounce up in the market.

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    • They got the best home fries and love that thick greasy bacon. Nothing politically correct about Hella's. Email me at sometime.

    • RW, you are absolutely correct. I love Hella's for breakfast. Plus Demo's really good with my kids. I just wish Demo would open back up on Sunday mornings. There's nothing like eating breakfast outdoors (in the summer & fall).

      I doubt if the "Duke" will ever go back to work. His buy-out package approaches $1 million and he'll probably receive more in yearly retirement than I make working. I didn't really strike up a conversation due to the fact I wasn't sure how comfortable he was on the topic of Ashland Chemical.

    • You must breakfast regularly in Shawnee Hills then. Only at Hella's does one need to "hand off" a table to someone.

      Is Duquin doing anything else yet?

    • PK, I'm still around and occasionally check into this message board to see if anything new is going on. Been busy closing the books for Fiscal 2002 with the external auditors, renegotiating a new 3-year contract with GE Capital on financing, and finishing up the 2003 Budget.
      I ran into Jim Duquin (ex-President of Ashland Specialty) at breakfast Saturday morning (3/1/03). Just said hello. Jim was nice enough to give me and the boys his breakfast table. Ran into a couple of the older accountants (20 year boys) at a benefit dance a couple of weeks ago. Nothing really new from their perspective.

    • Where have you been? You are conspicuous by your silence.

    • To be honest with you, even if I wanted to pursue, I don�t believe I can.
      I�ve just been through years of more hell than I ever dreamed was possible. I just want to get well. That�s all I want.
      I believe I would much rather give them mercy and let God give them justice.

      Those who see it differently might want an email address where you could be contacted.

      P. S. But you know, maybe I ought to reconsider�you know, and become what they were always telling me I was? It�s like, *YOU SAY* I�m a [w]itch. So now, let me show you the power of my [w]itchhood�.
      heh��� (diabolical laugh and
      music from the
      Wizard of Oz)


    • First of all I am NOT a Federal Employee.

      Second, RIF should not have anything to do with sex/ age discrimination. That doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. In the event a Company is served with a complaint of this nature it must prove it's method of RIF is sound by showing criteria points of an established Company Policy and also provide an accounting of all of those RIF'd , sex and age to disprove the allegation. If there is merit then litigation is given the blessing by the EEOC.

      This method is called responding to

      Of course any reprimands, absenteeism and productivity issues are also going to surface would obviously be considered negative.

      Bottom line is the burden of proof establishing a non biased RIF procedure is on the Company, this case ASH.

      Nuf sed.

    • As a Federal employee, you need to take your own advice, as your sex and age would not protect you in RIF.
      Not gonna? Didn't think so.

    • I am not a poster at the paticular board and I was just passing through doing research.

      However the suck it up concept for Ms. exashaccounting is by far not the best approach.

      I would however suggest going to your local EEOC office and file a complaint for wrongfull termination based on age discrimination. Let Ash have the burden of proving their practices are compliant. This would entail opening the files of all employees being laid off to the EEOC office and then they would approve or disapprove continued litigation.

      Don't just grumble on a message board! The USA has the best Employment Laws in the world. I should know I represent HR (not w/ASH) in many complaints from those that are just digging for the deep pockets and their many cases do not have merit.

      Good Luck

      PS: Thanks for the paragraph break tip! LOL

    • Work and school? Yep, I did that too. I was Summa Cum Laude, how about you?
      This is not a major metropolitan region. People who write books about how to get a job don�t work here. Open our newspaper want ads and cry. Now open the newspaper want ads for Columbus or Cincinnati.
      It makes people here more dog-eat-dog competitive. Event at the �arranged� contract employment places, they hire their buddies.
      If you work for one company long enough, it *can* make you so specialized to their needs that no one else in this area CAN hire you. Also, a lot of the places here that I tried so hard to be hired by were out of business in a year or so. This can make for very, very extended periods of unemployment. Any employment you do find will probably be a huge wage drop. Try going from $46,000/yr to $16,000/yr. Suck it up is right. It was four years before I bought a pair of new shoes, not from a thift shop.
      Even if you�re a real trooper, and no one knows how you really feel, the mental and emotional stress can create health problems. When you�re 50 years old, you don�t magically snap back.
      I had no help but God only. The unemployment office is a huge joke. I had exactly two friends who ever tried to help me. My family did not help me or know how to help me.
      I do not agree with your suck it up philosophy, and I�ll tell you why. The more you act like this is an OK thing and perfectly normal, the more it�s going to go on. I don�t think that sacrifices are just for me only. PC didn�t sacrifice one dollar of his salary, one day of his tenure, or one minute of stress. Interesting that this is good for me, but not good for him.

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