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  • bcmountaineer32 bcmountaineer32 Jan 29, 2003 4:22 PM Flag

    Happy Holidays

    so you are saying that I don't get it.
    Listen, I am approaching 40 years of age...I am bald and fat and unemployed...yet, I am not playing the VICTIM card...I have been out of work for almost 8 months now but yet I don't blame companies for making personnel decisions....
    I feel sorry for these ladies and anyone else who loses a job, but I also feel that employees can't expect a life-time wage from any company. Listen, I am likely going to have to accept a job making half of what I was making (And I am not sure if that will be enough money to keep me above water, but that is the what I will do until the economy improves).
    And being a white, single, fat and bald 40 ish year old guy, I have very little governmental help..whereas these ladies with kids will likely have much more government assistance at their disposal...But I am not complaining about that during my, don't tell me that I don't get it!!!
    These ladies need to do whatever they need to do to find either a new job, or retool and get a new career...there are plenty of programs that will assist these ladies if they have the desire to better themselves.
    Just my opinion.

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    • A lot of the ongoing conflicts I had at work before our downsizing came from white males who felt they were more behind the 8-ball than me. They didn�t seem to understand that I lived in the same world that they did. Never assume anything about another person�s life. I�m not condemning you, as I have been guilty of the same kind of thinking. It can be very destructive. I was such a self righteous prig before all this. I can remember my judgmental thoughts of people who had lost their jobs. After I walked in those shoes, I really had to ask God to please forgive my stupidity. If there�s anyone we can help, why don�t we? Why should they have to walk the same nightmarish path that we have suffered? Why don�t we get together and help each other?

    • Lots of good folks have been let go in the past few years. I don't think it necessarily makes a company "good" or "bad." However, if the company seems to be letting older folks go, as a pattern, then that sends two messages (1) leave before someone thinks you're too old, and (2)there is something that is illegal or borders on illegal going on re: age discrimination.
      How many younger employees have been terminated, not for poor performance, but for "cutting back?" If the answer is "zero," and the answer for older employees is "all of them," then it is time for a close examination of what is occurring.

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