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  • hitofly60 hitofly60 Feb 10, 2009 9:09 AM Flag


    As the stock starts to climb all the present or past disgruntle workers will calm down. I as an investor am tiered of their whining.

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    • You deserted us in the war.
      You need to read a little more history. KY was split brothers fighting brothers. I can assure you though if they know what the out come would be they would have all fought with the South. Oh,wait a minute, y'all sent us Jimmy Carter and old slick Willy, maybe we should start over. Ah not to worry Obama,excuse me, I mean "GOD" will fix everything in a year.

    • Ha! So you think your a southerner! Well I hate to rain on your parade but we southerners think Kentucky is the north. You deserted us in the war. Ask a real southerner!Your accents aren't southern it sounds midwest to me! ha!Just a southern view!

    • Go ASH
      We agree! If your from NH then you know what I'm talking about. The Ma. people who are invading your state have changed it tremendously. NH once was a self reliant state now as the Mass. people flood NH looking for a better life they bring their same old miserable liberal values with them. The same values they are trying to escape from. Go figure.

    • This hick from NH agrees with the hick from KY. But let me say that it is the big city attitude you are referencing and not the whole northeast.
      I know some real genuine down-to-earth hicks that could make you KY hicks look like royalty !!!!

      Go ASH

    • Ya right!! An affirmative action program for arrogant New Yorker's or Bostonian s. Next they will demand we not say a prayer, hire openly gays,promote people on their skin color,drive Toyota's, start up a crime ridden mass transit system from Louisville to Lexington and last but not least raise taxes 100% to pay for millions of poor Mexicans to relocate to the south to help with diversity.

      Please stay up north and enjoy your wonderful culture and leave us hicks alone

    • Just a question the comment about the people from the northeast thinking people from the south are stupid. I met an employee from Ashland recently and they seem to have an anti yankee attitude. since my mother was from the south and father from the northeast would this company not hire and promote the northeast father. This person seem to think so. Maybe that's the problem not open to some of the brightess people. Not that the south doesn't have bright people but you need a real mix!How many employees are from the north east? Bet few!

    • Naw,I have bought all the dogs I can stand. Time will tell about ASH. I only hope it can weather the storm.
      If you have the answers pound on the doors until they listen. If not leave, for it will be no good for you or ASH.

    • Really?---Most people get promoted to 'upper MRG' and I suppose they live happily ever after?

      Man, I'd LOVE to sell u something!!

    • keep your head in the sand and you're investment will bring wonderous returns. You don't know what it is like inside the asylum.

    • are not part of the club that makes up Sr Management.

      Again sounds like sour grapes. Most people get promoted to upper MRG. Did you not get a memo?

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