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  • strut1702 strut1702 Sep 12, 2013 4:47 PM Flag

    WSJ Mimedx article comments

    The WSJ article should help attract many new investors with deep pockets.

    First, shame on the author for making it appear that the FDA is scrutinizing 95% of MDXG's placenta business in the initial portion of the article. That was misleading and the author should know better. Especially considering that this is the prestigious WSJ. It wasn't until the bottom that we receive clarification that the INJECTABLE business is 15% of the potential revenue. That means at least 85% of MDXG's is fine. Revenue guidance remains the same.

    WIth that being said, lets not forget who the audience is. WSJ has sophisticated readers and most are certainly intelligent enough to view the big picture and can subtract the minutia. We aren't talking about the audience who read the Yahoo news articles and type some of the most nonsensical posts in the comments section.

    WSJ has a circulation of 2.4 million. You can bet many with deep pockets and who had no knowledge that such a technology exists.

    For those reading, welcome to the message board. Epifix is slowly replacing Dermagraft and Apligraf as the wound graft of choice. With managed care changes, it should only benefit MDXG as this product will save the system an enormous amount of money.

    I learned about this stock from physicians who are treating wounds on the front line. The only question in my mind is when will the company be bought out and at what price. Epifix alone will have many companies knocking at our door. This is easily a triple your money from here.


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