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  • cimcbride cimcbride Oct 11, 2013 6:47 AM Flag

    Osiris has BIG news

    Know that you want to keep abreast of what your major competitor is up to.

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    • Hey Cimc ... how's that turd of yours doing this morning??????????
      I smell dilution coming to raise all the money they will need to run these trials not to mention their lack of approval as it relates to the foot ulcer issue
      Nice job!

    • Are you happy about this cimcbride? How much did OSIR spend to develop Prochymal vs the 100 million that they sold it for? I thought the MSCs were the rage at OSIR.

      Until Grafix can capture a significant marketshare, I'd hold off from calling it a "major" competitor to MDXG.

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      • Very very happy about the sale of Prochymal to MSB. Much of the development costs were paid by Genzyme. Maintaining a license to use the MSC technology and the promise of 10% royalties once $750m in sales, I suspect, will prove to be of enormous benefit to OSIR. GvHD alone could be a $250-500m market. MSB.AX is better financed (TEVA) and pursuing cardiac and GI indications amongst others and is totally focused on stem cell development. They could have product sales in the billions within a few years not even counting off label sales which could also be massive. I'll settle for 10% of a large number plus upfront cash and reduced expenses. OSIR alone did not have the horsepower to advance Prochymal. Mesoblast does in spades.

        Friedli (owns or controls 50% of OSIR stock) made the decision to concentrate efforts on biosurgery. Whether Grafix sales are ultimately more than Epifix who is to say. However both are superior to what is available and the markets are massive and growing. Cartiform is going to be huge ($750m) and Ovation too. Other products in the pipeline. The Grafix study was real science and will open many doors and allow rapid insurance approval. Even if Epifix has greater ease of use it will not totally quash the success of Grafix.

        More in the till for Osiris gets their biosurgery products out faster.

        We await the results of the VLU study. Bet that they are damn good.

        Apologize for the tardy response but I check this board irregularly.

      • Grafix is no better than Dermagraft. It has the same problem of keeping stem cells alive in hopes they can produce growth factors. Epifix is loaded with them and a high volume leach out into surrounding tissues for an extended period, longer than a month I believe. No surgeon wants a product with such difficult handling requirements when something as easy as Epifix is available.

    • They sold a business which provides cash flow and a 20% current day premium. Did they sell because the competition has something better/unique? Congrats on being up 20%. I'm up over 500% in MDXG at current levels and only waiting for a final strategic sale at a much higher multiple. 20% is irrelevant. That being said 20/sh for OSIR is better than 17 so congrats I guess. Sell on the news before mgmt spends the cash and the stock goes back to 17.

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