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  • strut1702 strut1702 Jan 10, 2014 12:21 AM Flag

    Buyout and Valuation

    Amniofix has the potential to exceed Epifix revenues in the future. The potential applications are numerous and management shouldn't sell themselves short. Why sell the company soon. Instead, management should seek a partner for Amniofix.

    Amniofix will be in the beginning process of clinical trials. Partners / Buyouts tend to happen after Phase 2 or 3 are completed. Regarding buyouts, a potential suitor will likely DD and wait for the results before they put up big bucks for MDXG.

    Assuming good Amniofix data rolls in, the valuation of MDXG should continue to climb just like other development stage biotech stocks. But we will have the best of both worlds: increasing Epifix revenue and Amniofix investor speculation that can drive the stock to over 2 billion+ within 2 years.

    There aren't many companies that have a presence in wound management (Epifix) and sports med (Amniofix). Smith & Nephew is probably the biggest and best fit for MDXG but they carry Oasis which competes with Epifix.

    This may take time to play out, IMO. Enjoy the ride up.

    Long since 1.03.

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    • Strut, we have been in the stock from near the same price point, 4 or 5 years for me, I would have to look up the exact date. I don't believe the average trader understands how many large long term shareholders are in this stock from very early levels with zero intention of selling anytime soon. With over 100 million shares now, our average trading volume is not very high. I would like to see a run to 20 and the a split so the volume is much greater. Watching icpt shows what can happen. Imagine if amniofix could start the regeneration in the spinal cord...

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      • Wise, I have been in MDXG since early 2012. I bought into MDXG after seeing Epifix firsthand as I work in the med field.
        The JPM slides reveal that the Sports Med / Ortho market is over 5 times the DFU / VLU market. All shareholders should scream if we are sold for anything under 20. MDXG will be bid up similar to the non-revenue generating Oncology stocks with blockbuster potential. One word: Amniofix.
        I believe that you eluded to speculative bidding of MDXG stock. I agree. Everybody watch how this plays out. We need to get obtain an Amniofix partner for trials. A buyout doesn't make sense at this time. We have two products that are apples and oranges. There isn't a company out there at this time that complements both product lines.

      • How many $20 stocks get split 2 for 1?

        Pete was actually in favor of a reverse split a couple of years ago because he thought there were too many shares outstanding already.

        I doubt we see any splits now, reverse or otherwise.

    • Article on Yahoo finance today talks about big pharma companies with lots of cash and shallow pipelines looking to do deals in 2014. They also state that the JPMorgan conference that MDXG will be at could kickstart all of that. Maybe something in late 2014 or early 2015...

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