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  • janmichealvincentsfriend janmichealvincentsfriend Mar 25, 2014 12:24 PM Flag

    I Am 89% Certain Pete Will Be Found Guilty Of the SEC Charges

    Now listen to me, I am 89%-95% certain that Pete will be found guilty of these charges. Understand that. Now, if you think Pete has groomed enough Management to get MDXG to the next level, well, then, fine, hold. However, when Pete is found guilty the MDXG shares will go under $4. The initial reaction will be swift and will be a blow to MDXG. Many funds and individuals got in because of Pete. Many will leave if/when Pete is not allowed to preside over this Company. Now, do you understand me? You can sell now. Save yourself the pain. And try and buy back in at $3.50. Or you can hold and take the beating and hope MDXG will recover from the mid 3's. Do you understand me? Good....

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    • JUST YESTERDAY JAN WROTE "I hold more shares of MDXG then you could ever afford to buy"

    • What a coincidence! I'm 89% to 95% that you don't know what you're talking about but I do appreciate the lever of specificity that adds a certain verisimilitude to your post. BTW Jan Michael Vincent likes boys more than girls but then I suppose that's why you're his friend.

    • janmichael, I checked your history. Another paid short. You on Streetsweeper's payroll or another? Now, listen to me. I am 99% -100% certain you are an idiot with a 1% margin of error. being a long time S/H with a significant position, I know most of the others and no one would go anywhere if Pete was forced to resign. In my legal opinion, yes, I am an attorney, I believe this case gets dismissed by the court, like some of the other recent SEC witchhunts for insider tips. I hope MDXG and Pete file a suit against Streetsweeper for libel and include you and those like you in the suit. No, you are not safe positing with a fake name as your identity can be obtained via a subpoena. So you might want to be careful about what you say on a public forum because it can and will come back to bite you. do you understand ME? Good.

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      • I will email Bill Taylor with JanMichaelvincents post just to be sure he has a record of it. People are free to express opinions, however when the intent is to provide falsehoods or innuendos for personal gain, then a company has the right to protect themselves. National Enquirer has been sued many times for defamation and libel, but they have good insurance. If you don't have insurance, knowing Pete Petit and his reputation around Atlanta for defending it, you might want to get an umbrella policy today that covers being an idiot.

    • Listen to the market. If you KNOW the future then WTF are you doing posting on message boards on Yahoo? Call CNBC or another network I am sure they will have you on th anchor their daily market babble. The last few days shorts got very lucky as hot money momentum shifted out of meds/biotech in amongst this short selling street sweeping story and a bunch of fear mongering. Pete Petit is not Steve Jobs....he is important but the team is in place and not even Pete is selling the product now the sales force is. When REVS increase the stock price will increase. If fear is what you are selling I am not at all afraid. Soon enough ".... there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known"...the market will reveal this Company's strength and longevity. I understand and am long MDXG-

    • So, if you think, Pete, as the largest shareholder of the company, will just go away IF found guilty, you are a dupe! He said as much today!

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