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  • homebuilder_watcher homebuilder_watcher Mar 31, 2014 9:35 AM Flag

    Great comments this morning

    from Lake Street in a very through note.
    * Superior clinical data. Discusses that clinical study blew away detractors who complained that the two groups were not comparable and that EpiFix had patients that were easier to treat. The next clinical study addressed that question by taking the 11 patients in the std of care group who did not heal in first study and treated them with Epifix ultimately healing 91% of that group.
    * "Ease of use another value driver. No other amniotic tissue product on the market or in development offers these characteristics according to our research"
    *Favorable reimbursement for EpiFix. 'others (apligraf, Dermagraft in particular) are seriously disadvantaged under the new system and will find it difficult to adapt as new sizes will likely require a Supplemental PMA."
    * "In addition to being the best product under the new reimbursement scheme, EpiFix carries an unfair advantage in 2014 as it does not actually fall under the new scheme until 2015..we would also note that more recent entrants to the amniotic tissue space Osiris and Derma Sciences have yet to gain reimbursement from the MACs who actually pay out Medicare reimbursement on a regional basis"
    *"The question is not whether MiMedx will gain market share in 2014, the question is how much. Regrading 2015 our belief is that the efficacy and ease of use combined with the favorable economics under the bundled reimbursement will still favor MiMedx and insulate it from price competition. Customers who were strongly incentivized to switch in 2014 will be less inclined to switch again in 2015 once EpiFix and the new reimbursement are entrenched.
    *EpiFix receives a lot of attention for its DFU/VLU applications but the technology is applicable to other markets that represent more than $13 billion in opportunity for the company, including epicondyylitis, plantar fascitis,prostatectomies and spine surgery (which the company will soon access through an OEM agreement with Medtronic).

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    • should have said thorough note. :-) What a bunch of garbage Streetsweeper's "articles" were claiming that MDXG market size is $500 million, less than MDXG market cap. As Lake points out, they are clueless having no idea what MDXG's business even is. But we already knew that. And to that pesky OSIR butt kisser that shows up here from time to time,good luck with your OSIR investment,. You are going to need it

    • Why does this not show up in headlines?

    • part 2 and most important

      "Thus, MiMedx is a product platform technology company, not just a wound care company. We think the product platform technology plus the newly built distribution capabilities make the company valuable as an acquisition target and explain why the shares carry a premium multiple when looking at the near term revenue estimates that are primarily driven by the wound care business. Additional upside potential comes from an injectable form of the product, Amniofix, which shows promise for conditions like plantar fascitis and epicondylitis. These indications are currently not included in our estimates for the company and represent potential markets valued at more than $4 billion.,...."The recent pullback has been driven in part by negative reports that focus on the quality of the EpiFix clinical data, changes in the reimbursement system, an SEC investigation related to the Chairman's previous company and possible competition. We assert that the data are solid, the reimbursement changes are a competitive advantage, the SEC investigation is not relevant in the long term and that the competition is woefully behind MiMedx."

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