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  • how_bout_we_talk how_bout_we_talk May 7, 2014 2:38 PM Flag

    where's OWT??

    haven't been hearing much from the old wise one........still a prize being offered for the person to correctly identify the day that this stock actually closes up... points go to those who can identify the month!!!

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    • PERFECT!

    • One of my chart software programs just issued short term buy for mdxg and will confirm with close above 5.27. I nibbled early last week at 5.60.

    • Thanks for asking. I travel much and golf almost everyday, so as the weather warms up I am not on the boards as much. In my nearly 30 years of trading, when a board goes negative with shorts, and then the short term traders who timed it wrong get upset, I go into hibernation. It is easier for some of us who have been in this stock from 1 buck and below, and I no it isn't fun to be in one of these down trends, but for you newer traders, you will learn this is part of investing. It isn't easy, it can be gut wrenching, that is why this is a big boys game. We are a point of extreme pessimism which historically in my world should mark a bottom, climax or not, volume has never been heavy which if I were short would not be comforting. Story hasn't changed, this will end bad for those short, and just when you think the worst is in, and you feel like selling, we will get a huge gap off and expectations will once again rise. So, think long term, buy more at these levels and do your homework. This is one of the best stories on Wall-street. Homebuilder said it well, if you don't like the product or management, sell. Mdxg and buy a company with management you do like. For every one saying the FDA is going to pull amniofix, you are misguided. Study the difference between an FDA untitled letter and a warning letter. For everyone worried about Pete's trial, that is a joke. Study Pete Petit and his track record. This is a liberal government going after a conservative donor, plain and simple. Lastly, Medtronic is going to be huge.

    • He's out enjoying life I'm sure. Maybe tired of a lot of the whining here lately. Like me and other long term holders , he isn't concerned about where the stock is in May of 2014

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