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  • tensgut tensgut Jun 21, 2014 2:50 PM Flag

    Shorts and Longs

    I understand why shorts like halloweencandy make disparaging remarks, not just on this board, but other boards. He is a short and hopes to scare longs into selling their shares creating a downward stock price trend. He is in it to make money on the downside. I actually like shorts, those that have valid opinions and sound reasoning. We all need a reality check. But when shorts can not back up their nonsense, resort to name calling, and saying untruths, I have little or no respect for their biased opinions. What does not make sense is why certain longs also fall into the same trap and make the same disparaging remarks on other boards without doing sufficient due diligence. I am long both MDXG and OSIR.

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    • That guy isn't short. Short sellers are usually fairly intelligent, and sophisticated stock traders. That certainly doesn't describe this halloweencandy. He is just a nuisance to this message board like Richard Pearson, and that overweight, corn fed reporter from Oklahoma. There is little of substance, and nothing truthful coming from these people. His sole purpose is to be annoying.

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      • I concur that some shorts are very intelligent, may have inside information and are usually right. I believe most shorts and most longs are not that sophisticated, have not done sufficient due diligence and simply follow and hope for the best. I think halloweencandy is a small time investor who get's his kicks by being a pest. And then there are the paid posters long and short who give false information to purposely create havoc. Ignore the over exhuberant and the bashers who have little to no credability.

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