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  • markpashoiancpa Feb 28, 2013 12:15 AM Flag

    Lou - Ranch, what just happened today? Are you still in?

    I'm buying back with a limit order at$11.50. Sold my whole position recently and made a killing so far in UNXL. Do your own research on this one but make it quick as this one is headed to $100 by end of year. Lou - please look into this one as it looks like the real deal. If it dips below $20 buy it as that's where I have set my order. Huge potential (100 times more so than ANIK). This is a long term investment to hold over 3 to 4 years in which you wil hopefully make barrels of money. I am not kidding here so PLEASE do the RESEARCH but do it fast. This company has a disruptive technology in the touch screen industry that threatens the livlihood of current technology manufacturers as there process is by far less costlier and sweeter.
    As always,

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    • Re: UNXL. Its too risky for me.
      I cant say you wont make money, but I rather play turnaround value stocks.
      I am still long ANIKA.
      Looking for 15s and if we get MONO FDA approval next several months we will be at new all time highs IMO.
      Good luck with UNXL.

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      • Thanks Lou. But I'm telling ya I haven't seen a stock with more upside than this one. They're about to sign up with a big name (Google, Texas Instruments, Apple, Samsung.. etc) as a joint partner within four to six weeks or even sooner. The COO said "even sooner" twice on the conference call last week and the second time he said it , it was more emphatically. This one could go to $100 by year end, possibly $300 in three years and I'm not exagerating. It almost seems like it's too good to be true but I've done a lot of homework on this one and I think it's the real deal, a disruptive technology in the touch screen industry.
        Good Luck

    • I'm still in with a bit of a way to go as I forgot some shares in a grandkid's account when I sold in the 17s.

      I'm still here with a lot of shares I lost in one of my grandkids account. Forgot them when I jumped at 17.5 or so.
      My attitude and advice doesn't change however: Caution ---remember who's leading this parade. Old "Sherman" isn't up to the task and his ego doesn't bode well for this company.

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