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  • charlesgno charlesgno Jul 16, 1998 8:20 AM Flag

    Joseph Calleja

    Whatever became of that great technician?

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    • In your wildest dreams you hope that it is, but I am not..*bent over laughing

      Sean Moran I am Not, Orthodm

    • <eom>

    • Is this stuff low fat..sounds good enough to

      Well glad you were able to confirm the info I got from
      Sean..just underlines the fact that he delivers the straight
      goods and increases all of our confidence in the

      From what you are would seem that in the
      long run synervisc could be in trouble since repeated
      use..particularly in a sports medicine environment would result in
      a build up of these nasties in the body which could
      quite detrimental to the patient's overall health in
      the long run..with orthovisc this would not be a
      problem since the product is handled completely by the
      body's natural processes.

      This is excellent
      news..Thanks for clarifying this.



    • Sean is right, because it is a naturally occuring
      product that is currently present in the body's own
      synovial fluid its recycled on a regular basis through the
      liver. Here the various individual elements that
      comprise the sodium hyaluronic acid molecule are broken
      down by the liver and excreted in the urine, blown off
      through the lungs as carbon dioxide, or sweated out
      through the skin. However, if an unnatural product
      invades in the body, the liver is unable in certain cases
      to break it down into the natural elements. The
      foreign body then remains as a residual element, which
      potentially can cause a a negative response by the body to
      its presence. This is the key arguement Hyalgan is
      making vs. Synvisc in their professional advertising.
      The aldehyd BXM is using to cross link the HA is a
      residual by-product of this process and becomes a foreign
      object as recognized by the body. It remains, and may in
      some individuals sensitize them to its presence and
      cause an inflammatory



    • Excellent question.

      This is a subjective
      area and it depends on the sector of business the
      company is in ..let me give you some examples..

      usually invest in areas where I know something about the
      business..often i am already buying the company's for
      example I was looking in buying HD stock a while
      I went to about 10 HD stores and talked to the
      mangers and the employees about the company and how they
      liked working for the company..employees are a real
      help here because usually they grumble about
      management..* when I get positive feedback from employees that
      they like what the compnay is doing then that tells me
      something about management

      I look at ROE over the
      long term, I look at trends in profit margins...I call
      the top management..not investor relations to talk to would be surprised how many of them will call you
      back!!.might take a few days sometimes..if they don't call
      back I usually think twice about investing

      look at their press releases..are they hype or the company doing what i would do if I was
      running management making moves to ensure long
      term clst in Asia and south

      for small they have influencial partners or
      are they hooked up with other small caps trying to
      beat the "grown ups" Anika links to Zimmer, Bausch
      and Lomb

      Just a few


      The Phantom

    • hi Phantom:

      how do you judge the quality of management?

    • *laughing...haven't needed any Viagra,
      yet..*fingers crossed..*laughing

      You raise an
      interesting point re synervisc...when I spoke to Sean he
      emphasized that the orthovisc was a natural product. I also
      asked him where the orthovisc goes after it is
      injected..he told me that it is metabolised by the liver and
      is eliminated from the body in 7 days {so there is
      nothing hanging around to cause side effects (my
      words)}..maybe you can explain how this is beyond my
      intellectual capacity..*laughing

      but it does sound
      really good to me..26 weeks plus of relief and nothing
      left in the body to cause side


      The Phantom

    • Thanks for your kind words and your suggestion re
      roller blades..I have actually looked into the
      possibility..but at my age one fall would finish me
      off..*laughing..I trust that you weren't trying to "fish" me
      in..*laughing heartily.. given our earlier
      repartie..*laughing... being risk adverse I decided not to try

      Your comments on the stock price going to the 200 EMA
      is certainly a possibility...I looked at this from a
      technical point of view...Anik has only done this once in
      the last year..most of the time it trades at least
      25% above the EMA...right now 25% above the 200 day
      EMA is where it it is trading ...this level also
      conforms to the support price of $ well..the
      accululation/distribution line is increasing now and the stochastic is
      beginning a turn upward..all the technical indicators are
      giving the same sign and supporting each other..this is
      something i look for before I make a call on a technical
      basis..the signal is that the stock is unlikely to go I will stick to my earlier assessment that the
      stock will trade for a while between $13 and $14 3/8
      before we get a pop with the european launch and a
      bigger pop if the approval comes through around the time
      of the european launch

      re your remarks about
      wage are talking to someone who worked in
      fields for a buck a day during the Great
      Depression..during that time I invested every nickel (literally) I
      could spare in the stock market because I believed that
      it was where over the long run the best returns for
      your money are..I have invested in solid companies all
      my life and rode many stock market cycles and wild
      swings in prices..but in the long run I have been
      rewarded for my can do the same thing..the
      key is to always invest in solid companies with high
      calibre management and don't speculate..if you do that
      you may get lucky but most speculators lose over the
      long run..if you look at my portfolio you will see
      that I have held some stocks for as long as 70
      years..many stocks over 50


      The Phantom

    • Phantom, were you a pre-clinical trial patient
      for Viagra??*laughing. I laud you for your longevity,
      health, a keen eye for a pretty lass, as well as your
      investment savy.

      One of the preceived reasons for the
      side effect issue for synvisc is the product itself.
      Unlike Hyalgan and Orthovisc which are pure HA
      extractions, synvisc is a purely derived HA that then goes one
      more step to cross-link part of the material to raise
      the viscosity. That cross-linking step apparentley
      uses some type of aldehyd in the process. If not
      completely removed, some of the residual material can effect
      some patients more than others leading to an
      inflammatory reponse. This is partly why reports on the side
      effect issue is much higher for Synvisc than Hyalgan. In
      fact in a recent Journal of Bone & Joint
      advertisement, they cite this issue specifically. This
      definitely translates into a competitive advantage for
      Hyalgan and Orthovisc, even though BIOX is trying to
      downplay this and use the issue of higher molecular weight
      promo to offset it.


    • Ran heavy miles for 15 years. Feet and ankles
      have said no more. Roller Blades have replaced running
      in my life. No stress on the joints, and a hell of a
      lot more fun to boot. Why not be the oldest guy on

      P.S. The "smart" money is taking ANIK down to it's 200
      ema. Maybe it won't scare you, but it sure will scare
      the crap out of the wage earners.

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