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    • About $1.5 million spend to triple plant capacity for HA.

    • is very important for upward trend to be
      maintained. If this is broken I will be lightening up as the
      next real solid base that I can see is just above

      Almost 5% of the co's stock traded today, much of it in
      large blocks. To me it seems some speculative players
      decided not to wait for FDA approval and took off for
      greener pastures.

      I didn't know earnings would be
      released today! Great earnings on existing sales show the
      company knows how to make $. Profit margin for the
      quarter is 23%, excluding $1.5 mil licensing fee. EPS of
      .06 beat estimate of .05 (Yahooo). ORTHOVISC being
      launched in Europe and Latin America in the second half of
      98 will add substantial revenue to third and fourth
      quarter. FDA will decide US approval or not by early next
      year at the latest.

      Even though the stock
      price took a whipping from certain large and probably
      short term investors, if it holds at 14 the uptrend can
      (and likely will) recover. Fundamentals still look
      great, nothing has changed, this company is doing
      everything it has stated.


    • I agree that today's fall was based on investor
      expectations and NOT on management's misleading statements. It
      is really timing of the announcement that may be at

      I admit, my timing in purchasing was
      based on the stock coming onto my radar screen, review
      of the available info (including posts on this
      board) and recent movement in the stock price. And I
      didn't want to miss the boat!

      That management has
      stated early 1999 is not in dispute. Am I angry at
      management, NO. Would I appreciate a statement clarifying the
      timetable, YES. Could they have addressed the issue earlier,
      MAYBE. Did it warrant a standalone press release, MAYBE
      NOT. However, the good news today was overshadowed by
      this issue.

      Interest in AR is just curiosity,
      and I don't perceive it as a problem, at this point.
      Thanks for the info on PP&E.

    • i don't see the interest in recs being up; the
      b/s is one day in time and tomorrow the number could
      be far less; as to pp&e, please see p3 of annual
      report "anticipating greater demand for our HA products,
      we plan to significantly expand our manufacturing
      capacity over the next two years." no surprises here in my
      opinion; as to being angry at mgmt, i gotta tell you they
      were saying fda approval early 99 for some time; it
      was only the posters here who really jumped the gun;
      look back to june posts and strong assertions were
      made to approval by 7/1; when that failed to happen
      the next date chosen by posters was 9/30/98; mgmt
      kept saying '99; i think most of the misleading was
      here not in massachusetts cheers hj

    • Hello,

      Here's some info on PMA amendments:

      Good Luck,
      Jetson B

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