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  • mrgreatcatchforyou mrgreatcatchforyou Jul 6, 2008 12:33 PM Flag

    If Any Of You Clowns Owned A Jaguar


    You'd know EXACTLY why this POS is dropping like a rock!!!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Fact is, there are no positive cats
      out, TTM has bought garbage and will
      be a falling knife for the years to
      You cannot sell a luxery brand
      successfull with the TATA name.

      Even Mercedes, a quality car maker,
      could not help Cryler.

      MM will trade this stock 5% up and down, that s it.
      Who is buying "GOLD" from a
      garbage trader?
      And Jaguar, sorry, is not GOLD.

    • georgespelvin Jul 23, 2008 1:25 PM Flag

      You arey right about the old jaguars and all english cars. The They had high sulfur content in their sheet metal which made things rust, and they used Lucas Electrics, which was the most screwed up idiotic company on planet earth. Even the Rolls Royce was bedeviled by this. Nobody uses Lucas Electrics anymore and Sir john Lucas is contemplating his royal naval. And they do not have high sulfur sheet metal anymore.

      Jaguar is a brand above and beyond a particular car. Just as American blacks emulated rich whites by buying Cadillacs, which caused the whites to buy Mercedes Benzes and BMW's, which caused the blacks to do the same, which caused the whites to buy Lexus which caused the blacks to do the same, the emerging upper middle class in the emerging markets who have a pent up decidedly immodest need to show off, could very easily want to jump back to the aura of bygone years and go for the Jaguar brand.

      There is no excuse to build a bad car today. You almost have to try to build a bad car today and very few companies other than GM have succeeded. GM is probably the dumbest company around other than Ford when it was run by the half wit son of the founder Henry...whom I met once and talked to for three minutes in Las Vegas NADA show and came away convinced there was nobody home behind the milky drunken eyes. he was the guy who fired Lee Iacocca becuase Iacocca was a street Italian and not Grosse Point royalty and Iacocca was probably the best car man of the latter half of that century.

      Tata is a brilliant company run brilliantly and tightly held. Tata can make Jaguar the car anything it wants so long as the design does not lose the panache that is the Jaguar brand and they will sell like hotcakes to arab sheiks and Chinese rich guys, etc.

      Also, and nobody has mentioned this, with the Jaguar acquisition Tata gains retail outlets all over the world. These dealerships will most certainly start to market the other Tata cars. I would imagine they would start pumping their very most gas frugal cars (ala the Smart Car) through those dealerships. The rich guy who buys the Jaguar for himself will also want a city car and a car for his kids in college, etc.

      I spent decades in the car business. This is a coup for Tata. It would take years to develop a global dealer network, the Jaguar is a fabulous brand that will appeal to new money, and Tata can make the car be whatever they want it to be because they are Tata, not the English and not a distraction for Ford (which bought it when the last CEO was trying to buy his way out of a problem that could not be solved by buying other faltering lines that also had the problems you refer to).

      I bought into Tata at 18. I doubled up here. I bought Ford at $8 and $4.50. I would not want GM both because the guy who runs it is a typical good looking full head of hair dufus and also because they have already lost half their finance company and they have worse structural and governance problems than Ford, which is controlled by the Fords and is run by a smart guy who has never been in the car business, is smart, and has turned around companies he knew nothing about, and turned them around as operating companies, not asset sales.

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      • Great post. The one aspect I question is regarding the distribution network. No doubt this is a tremendous asset, but I wouldn't think the market for high-end jags is the same market as the market for high volume, low-priced cars. Wouldn't think it is good marketing strategy to count on the high-end show-off market to pick up a low-cost tata mobile for their kids while they're in the showroom.

        If you're going for a mass market, you don't mix it in with the high-end showrooms. It's like selling circus tickets at the opera. So I'm not clear on how this distribution network is going to market to the privileged and the far-downs.

      • Good Post.

    • Yes, the Jag is the best car on the road today.

      Go to a dealer and check it out.

    • ryan666 Jul 9, 2008 6:34 AM Flag

      Can someone else comment on whether TTM is completely an assembler or also designs some of their vehicles. I wonder because now that they own jag/LR, they will have to do some design work won't they? They can't just keep releasing variations of the same model every year.
      Also, who designs the parts for the TTM buses and light trucks?

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      • ryan666 Jul 23, 2008 3:42 AM Flag

        >Can someone else comment on whether TTM is completely an assembler or also designs some of their vehicles.

        An Wired article that was just posted seems to answer this.

        Wired doesn't give a reference that I can see, so I can't be sure, but assuming they know what they are talking about, I can answer my own question:

        "In 1998, Tata Motors introduced the country's first indigenously designed car. The homegrown Indica, ... etc."

      • They are hiring 700 engineers for JLR and is going after an Italinn firm for the new look.Nano is on track and Tata is looking other countries for factories.In my view in couple of years this model will sell more thyan 3 mils a year.I am not a pumper and i got in at 12 and have a ver decent holding and i am ver sure of my close to 500K holding in this company but it is going to take a year.Starting from oct the picture a clar picture will emerge.IMHO.

    • If TATA has a reputaion for cheapness and low quality even in India, what Indian car company has a reputation for quality products? I exclude local assemblers of Japanese products.

    • RANKED #2 in the world 2 weeks ago by J D. Power. I still wouldn't have one though. Where do I get service at 5000 ft in the wilds of Idaho?

    • had a 1961 jag mark 10. what a
      beast. i'm 6'5" and could lay
      down in back seat and not touch
      the sides. pull down mirrored
      trays in back seat - beautiful
      wood all around, 2 huge bucket
      in front. had a 283 chevy install
      ed - man it was tits.

    • I owned a Jaguar some 40 years ago. It was a wonderful automobile but unreliable. The carburetters needed to be adjusted every time the temperature or humidity changed.
      Many things have changed since then.

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