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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Jul 13, 2012 9:46 AM Flag

    a little about doctors...

    Who seriously expects that physicians will prescribe Qnexa to women, even if heaven forbid the FDA not place complete estrictions against sale to women?

    Doctors are obsessed, paranoid with malpractice in the US. They will prescribe Belviq to women straight away. There is no way in hell that any doctor is going to prescribe Qnexa to a woman given the PROVEN SEVERE BIRTH DEFECTS OF QNEXA.

    People get real. Forget Cramer. He is a superficial idiot. He is as accurate as a broken clock.

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    • a real doctor's basic common sense thoughts on the two products...

      Below is a response by Dr. Elle in another thread that I thought ARNA Longs would like to read.
      ----------------------------------------------------- --------

      How will we as physicians respond to a novel new medication for Rx of obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes with a 50% responder rate?


      As we have corrected Cramer on, the REAL WT LOSS WITH BELVIQ OVERALL IS 8% of total body weight, with 25% of this group losing 17% of body weight. This would translate to AT LEAST 40 Million responders in the US who would benefit from the drug,

      This represents at least 12% of the US population on the indication of obesity alone, not to mention those who simply want a higher quality of liffe. What is so important and unrecognized by everyone is that the reduction in necessity of other medications for hypertension, hyperlipidemias, osteoarthritis, and coronary vascular disease is highly likely with Belviq, reducing US healthcare costs. COST TO BENEFIT STUDIES NEED TO BE DONE.

      We are only beginning to unlock the fascinating complex physiology of the G protein Serotonin 2C receptor. We already have discoveed BELVIQ has other positive benefits in interrupting the food reward cycle that causes anorexia., including a reduction in nicotine dependence, alcohol addiction, and even the cocaine habit.

      Based on my previous experience with Sibutramine (Meridia) prescriptions, which is no longer available in many countries, my guess is a response to
      BELVIQ is genetically determined by a patient's three dimensional G protein physiology. In other words, if a blood relative has an excellent respons to BELVIQ, so will other family members.
      ----------------------------------------------------- --------


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      • another doctor's thoughts...

        BELVIQ vs QNEXA a PHYSiCIAN Prescription guideline 13-Jul-12 02:41 am
        1. Both drugs are prescription drugs and sale depends on number of prescritions written like any other drugs.
        2. I am a practicing MD since 1968 and i see a number of patients every day.
        3. this is ture , 40% of men and women are overweight and obese with BMI over 30 But only few are 300-350 pounds which we call them morbid obesity.
        4. by far, majority of over weight patients have BMI> 35-45.
        5. as a physician what am i dealing with every day?
        6. They do not come to see me being overweight, THE Majority come to see me for the following reasons:
        A. Hypertension
        B. Metabolic syndrome
        C. Dyslipidemia
        D. Gout
        E. Type 2 diabetes and etc....

        Now if i be able to make them lose only 15-20 pounds, all of the above conditions will improve and they feel better and most likely reduce their medications
        As a physician i learn to cause no harm.
        So if i have to decide between 2 drugs approved by FDA Belviq vs Qnexa, common sense tell me to prescribe the former for sake of my pstients. For reasons which are discussed for months on YMB and beyond the scope of this writing.

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