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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Sep 28, 2012 6:22 AM Flag

    Obama the POTUS of Peace???

    Now we have Hilary out there with Netanyahu telling the USA we will do whatever is necessary to see that Iran does not get a nuke. Where are all the peace freaks that voted Obama in as the POTUS to end all wars?? If this were Bush they'd be out in force. This is the same Obama that stood up Netanyahu for appearacnes on The View, Letterman, meetings with Beounce and her criminal dude, and endless more to come Hollywood IMAGE show venues. The world is abosultely closer to exploding than ever before (war like as well as economic collapse) and Obama keeps chiming in with more redistribution plans and more spending. Our military is weakened already with other nations building up and openly supporting Iran and Syria (i.e. China/Russia) and Obama (indeed the Black Muslim as Madonna recently bragged) seems to also stand with Iran/Syria and the Brotherhood. 2012 must first and foremost be about anyone but Obama. Then we can hold the new guys feet to the fire with eyes already on 2016 with serious change in mind such that we can fix this mess for our kids and grandkids. Obama is still out there blaming Bush without any reassertion of his own cliams that if he can't fix it in 4 years then he should be a one term POTUS. Now it's all Bush, Bush, Bush when in reality this whole mess belongs to dems as they have laid the most horrific seeds of destruction over the last 100 years and as Greenspan indeed alluded to in 2009 'we are ending a 100 year business cycle.' All the failures of today were signed into law by the democrats: 1913 Fed Reserve Bank that has destroyed our currency, 1933 FDR SS, 1964 LBJ Medicare/Great Society, and now Obama under Pelosi democrate Congress more debt increase in 3.75 years than all prior Presidents combined. Folks have to be so naive to not see these facts. We are suffering today from all this democrat party philosophy cradle to grave government and we owe our kids better. Obama blames everything on Bush (i.e. the cost of two wars that he also is ramping up in Afganistan because that's what the military command says must be and Obama like Bush follows the military command) but then Obama says nothing about the most huge evert "TAX" to hit our nation kicking in 2014 Obamacare. Citizens today are too image oriented only seeing the cleverness and not heeding the actual devestaing situation of our nation about to fall under the massive debt load and Obama says spend spend spend.

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