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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Oct 6, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    Obama Robin Hood?

    The Obama regimes class warfare is aimed at those many idealists that believe Robin Hood really can take from those 'evil rich' (defined by Obama as anyone making over $250,000 including S -Corps and LLC's filing as corps for whom their taxes flow through their personal taxes as a conduit.) This alone will cost many more jobs yet the class warfare continues to work with ole Robin Hood Obama and Robin Hood Joe Biden out there to get those evil rich guys. It's hard to believe the USA is now this dumbed down as any grade school student once knew business operates for one reason only PROFIT. As Romney correctly corrected Obama in the debate when Obama tried to hang on Romney a $3 billion tax credit to oil companies that has been in effect for 100 years with Romney pointing out the FACT that Obama GAVE $90 billion of our hard earned tax dollars to 3 'green companies including Soyndra' that are already now BANKRUPT. SEE THE HYPOCRISY OF OBAMA THE REGIME AND THE CO-ARM DEM PARTY LAME STREAM MEDIA???? If Obama and Biden continue the class warfare more businesses will simply leave our shores (the big ones) and the small ones will simply take their profits and shut the door waiting for a more favorable business climate. Already many doctors are leaving as Obamacare basically kills their business. On the other hand Obama and all the dumbed down lawyers in this now dumbed down USA are allowed to continue their absolute pilferage while very decent medical doctors/scientists are forced out by the government (Robin Hood) controlling their pricing. I say control the pricing of the thieving lawyers and allow our great medical profession to continue as is.

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