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  • ocpmel ocpmel Oct 12, 2012 12:23 PM Flag

    Biden a Liberal Liar

    BIDEN: "Well, we weren't told they wanted more security there. We did not know they wanted more security again. And by the way, at the time we were told exactly — we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. That was the assessment. And as the intelligence community changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view."

    RYAN: "There were requests for more security."

    THE FACTS: Ryan is right, judging by testimony from Obama administration officials at the hearing a day earlier.

    Charlene R. Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary for diplomatic security, told lawmakers she refused requests for more security in Benghazi, saying the department wanted to train Libyans to protect the consulate. "Yes, sir, I said personally I would not support it," she said.

    Eric Nordstrom, who was the top security official in Libya earlier this year, testified he was criticized for seeking more security. He said conversations he had with people in Washington led him to believe that it was "abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident. How thin does the ice have to get before someone falls through?"

    He said his exasperation reached a point where he told a colleague that "for me the Taliban is on the inside of the building."


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    • Liberal liar, isn't that a redundant statement?

    • Why don't you go ahead and vote for dumb and dumber AKA Romney and Ryan, US can always use another pointless war... !!! What a bunch of idiots....and believe me I will not be surprised a bit if these bozos get elected , after all Americans elected Bush not once but twice !! What a sad system !

      • 5 Replies to seanj3000
      • Hey DUMBO dem Obama started the war in Lybya with no Congressional approval just like the King he, they, you believe him to be. Bush got Congressional approval and a majority of dems signed on then as John Kerry said ' I was for it before I was against it' or some dem dumbo nonsense like that. You need to go back to school son (grade school since colleges are so controlled by dem dunce liberals these days) and re-learn how it truly works. Dems have been in primary control now for the last 100 years and have handed us EVERY failed system and entitlement of today. Wow you dems are PATHETICALLY STUPID!!

        What this is truly about is 100 years of primary democrat party failed control for which their chickens indeed have come home to roost and they spent all our money (SS/Medicare, income taxes etc..) on welfare to lock in democrat votes moving forward. 1913 dem Wilson Federal Reserve Bank CREATURE that has debt leveraged our currency to zero intrinsic value, 1933 dem FDR failed SS Ponzi that was only to cost $.03 per pay, 1964 dem LBJ failed Medicare Ponzi now completely broke necessitating socialized medicine with the death panels to preclude costly care for the boomers now retiring in mass and being told all the money taken from them was squandered on welfare, and now Obama under dem Pelosi Congress more debt increase than all prior Presidents combined in less than 3.6 years.

      • Pointless war? Like Afghanistan, the war in direct retaliation for 9/11?
        Or Iraq to prevent the next 9/11?
        You don't get out much do you?

        The days of Idle death threats against the USA are over.
        Don't believe me? Watch Iran.

      • Yea, American also elected a talking man and a clown. Circus and empty promises, record unemployment, 50 millions on food stamps, 5 trillions in new debt, money wasted on stimulus, Solyndra etc. Want four more years of that lunacy?

      • BO and Biden are clueless on the economy and you may or may not be as clueless. I guess as long as you're one of those that are beneficial from his redistribution of wealth recipient.

        Remember vvus socialists: redistribution of wealth originates in socialists state such as: Socialist Stalin Russia, Fidel Cuba, Maoist China, Chavez Venezuela etc.

      • ocpmel - can't get anything right - wrong on Vivus and wrong on candidates. Ryan was totally lost - asked several times by moderator and once by the VP what different would he and his disingenuous running mate do with Syria and he couldn't come up with even ONE example. Same with Iran.

    • Thanks Joey you are responsible for the death of your ambassador Williams.

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