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  • slowerclimate slowerclimate Jan 17, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    Am I getting totally untrusting?

    But every time I see some misplaced downgrade or Cramer or Seeking Alpha article that, out of the blue, trashes a stock for no logical reason, I suspect that something good is about to happen. I've been right about 4 out of 5 times.

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    • No logical reason:???? Their script numbers are beyond S*H*I*T and there's no way any of you tards can argue otherwise. They're giving away free product to increase script numbers. What do you thinks is going to happen when VVUS actually releases revenue numbers and it becomes abundantly clear that this is an abyssmal failure?

      Sometimes, the most obvious answer is the right one. Those obesity specialists that VVUS' rented sales force are targeting, don't want Q, they are waiting for B to launch. It's really that simple.

    • Yep, It will happen to ARNA stock on Friday........sell VVUS, take your loss and make it back in ARNA. You picked the wrong horse in the race, VVUS did not win, place, or show so far in the obesity race. Your CEO is a loser.

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    • Important Safety Information

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    • Of course you're right slowerclimate. Remember, these are all the money managers who didn't want to risk their money in a speculative investment before FDA approval. They knew they could drive the price down after approval and before scripts traction. They're getting in hog wild now though, and making money on their shorts to boot. I'm curious as to what the manipulators will be doing over the next 3 months until 4/27 the looming deadline for something to be done with Stendra. Along with REMS modification and EMA review. There aren't many OPEX dates left for the shorts to take care of their business. And of course by July, Q will be in retail pharmacies across the nation along with all forms of media advertising by late July. This is good stuff and the money pros have known how to play this all along, but most of them know there aren't many shorting opportunities left. The MM's have known the timetable and are playing it straight from the playbook using all forms of media and analysts to get their way until there's finally real numbers like a buyout or scrip numbers.

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      • iseedumbpeople Interesting. I didn't realize that 4/27 is the looming deadline for something to be done with Stendra. One year after approval.. what is the rule on that?

        What really hits me with these MM's is that they are so transparent, and still manage to shift the pps down.. although people are getting much wiser to them after being burned a few times. Cramer has lost all credibility, the Seeking Alpha articles are not worth reading anymore. We can add the most absurd analyst on the block: Brean Capital.

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    • IMHO..anyone betting against anti-obesity drugs right now is a fool. Once more of major insurance companies climb on board, the sky will be the limit. The street tries to make you think it's a ShOcK that new drugs on market don't sale a gazillion dollars worth out of gate. Who didn't know it would take some time to get the insurance companies on board with the newly approved weight loss drugs? All part of the game in the name of $money$. ARNA will have the same issues out of gate, and possibly worse. Their drug is strapped to a lose 5% in 12 weeks and you're out label.

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