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  • vvusforme71 vvusforme71 Oct 10, 2013 10:08 PM Flag


    Coming soon, $17-$22

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    • Despite todays news, unless Vvus announces a partnership (for max market effect) when it gives its Mid-October update sometime next week, I still think a buyout is looming because what is critically lacking is a supercharged DTC campaign which would dramatically escalate the script trajectory and the stock pps as well as permanently remove any doubts about the true value of Vvus and both its long term viability and profitability. Just my opinion.

    • I feel that a buyout, as I have stated many times recently, is the most probable strategic outcome.of the talks Vvus is currently having with BP. I think I will post tomorrow an update on why at this juncture (as of today) I feel the buyout scenario is the most probable. I could see the 17-22 range occurring certainly but I would think it is likely a bit higher between 20-27 with 22-25 coming closer to hitting the mark but I certainly acknowledge that I could be wrong and we could still see far less than palatable outcomes. Obviously with a third of the shares short, only a fool would completely discount the short case and position. That said, I am going to feel completely smug and very pleased with my self when we finally see what has really been going on with Vvus or I will likely experience the great outdoors from a whole new vantage point, sleeping in the street under the stars every night for the far foreseeable future. However, I will likely not be lonely as several longtime board members assure me that they too will be joining me for an attempt at actually emulating life as found in Thoureau"s "On Walden Pond". Ah yes, I am beginning to see investment opportunities if several of us band together and establish Camp Vvus: a retreat for those longs who..........(Someone please stop me! I just cant help myself!)

    • Definitely a possibilty. I had over 20K shares of TSRX when it was bought earlier this year. My biggest single payday ever! I will be buying quite a bit more VVUS next week.

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