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  • bsmaverick bsmaverick Mar 14, 2000 8:36 AM Flag

    QDIN Sandbox

    It's time that the members of management take
    their toys (stock) and leave the leave the sandbox
    (NASDAQ). I have been watching and looking for signs that
    management really cares about the shareholders and I am
    finally a believer that they don't. Take out managements
    stake in the company and I think we would be looking at
    a sale or merger. I am not one that thinks QDIN
    should be auctioned or parcelled off, I would like to
    think that our restaurants can still make a decent
    dollar. Furthermore, I live in the Mishawaka area and
    don't want to see any of our friends and neighbors let
    go because of an auction. However, something has got
    to be done. Maybe it is time Dan for you to hire
    someone from the outside to lead this company - your'e to
    close to the action to understand the problems, a set
    of 'fresh eyes' might be just the

    With that said: I am all for long term value but,
    define long term Mr. Fitzpatrick is it 5 years or a
    lifetime. We shareholders should not have to continue to
    suffer the woes of mismanagment or put another way a
    public company run like it was a private company. Mr.
    Fitzpatrick buy out your shareholders and take the company
    private again - don't take us for granted because of your
    recent victory. A shareholder scorned is a powerful

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    • They make too much money. I re-read the perks
      listed in the NBO materials.

      We're talking
      millions in perks and benefits for the management group.

      Meanwhile, you know the value of your holdings, in the

      I still can't understand how anyone who wants to
      make money would vote with management.