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  • brass_cannon brass_cannon Dec 12, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

    I used to teach at MIT

    My friend, we need for you to look into your accurate crystal ball for POSITIVE SCON developments to occur. (BTW, I'm quite familiar w/Big Safari...actually briefed 'em in St Louis a few years back on technology for a long-loiter, large-payload UAV.)

    A little less name-calling from all sides might help to soothe ruffled feathers . I'd like to think we are all trying to gauge SCON's progress and prospective market(s) for our mutual shareholder benefit. I can tell you that I need for the SCON horse to finish the race and win!

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Scamroller and I go back many years and he's fairly innocuous because he is so obvious.

      Jb0 and his cohorts are likely paid bashers because whenever there is any news that could provide a positive boost to the stock they come out in droves and then crawl back into woodwork.

      "youthinklikeafool" is just the latest in a long series of liars and frauds that appear here professing to be something they are not. Over the years there has been at least 6 or 7 similar characters. The disinformation and misinformation they provide can be quite harmful to any investor interested in the stock. I engage them because they are incapable of maintaining the charade without making many mistakes. Then when new investors show up because of news I can readily point to the posting history and they can see for themselves what they are dealing with. Sometimes these kind of devious characters show up with the news (like harrisjohn19) and I have to deal with them in real time. C'est la vie!

      There is no doubt that STI is in a critical time frame. Delivery of the HTS wire for the Cable Demo Project is essential and it is also essential that the wire perform as expected. They probably were able to deliver some of the wire using their 10m line but the quality and yield might not be up to the standards that the new 100m line can provide. While that line was accepted and received at STI in early October, it probably took several weeks to get it installed and up and running. They then had to fine tune the process to obtain the desired wire performance and yield. That might have consumed most if not all of November. At a previously stated production rate of 185 km/year that's roughly 3 1/2 km per week. So depending upon how long the cable is and how much wire they have to deliver we could hear an announcement anytime between now and Christmas that the wire was delivered.

      The question is whether or not they will announce that milestone. They might prefer to wait until there is positive news from the cable manufacturer. Assuming the news is positive, I think that we will then here of an order commitment for the full capacity of that 100 meter machine, because I don't believe STI will deliver any HTS wire that doesn't meet the customer's expectations and my guess is that yield has been an issue with the 10m process equipment and may still be somewhat of an issue with the new line also. We do know that STI already has fabricated all of the template material needed for the wire.
      (The template material is what the first two processes are used to manufacture. The final RCE-CDR equipment performs the HTS REBCO deposition . I don't believe that it does the slitting or the encapsulation of HTS tape with copper.)

      So because the template is ready they can really focus on these last steps.

      Having watched this company so closely for so many years, while I don't alway trust or believe in the current management, I do think that the way they are approaching this new business is sound., but as usual it is all about execution!!!

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