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  • r2d2_n_c3po r2d2_n_c3po Feb 21, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

    Another day of frenetic posting by jbo (the board idiot) and his minions.

    Today's PR must have made his boss really nervous.
    Interesting news about the SDP process. They must still be working out some kinks. But that will have no effect on the delivery of the wire for the cable demo since JQ indicated 6 months or more ago that hey had all the template material needed for that. The question now is how long before they complete deliveries of the wire. I expect we will hear more during the CC.

    I believe that STI management was not exactly happy about making today's PR, but they realized they couldn't wait any longer to break the news. It is encouraging that they believe that the 100 Meter RCE-CDR line is operational. That they have had difficulties is not surprising. I talked about that 2 1/2 to 3 years ago when the hts wire became their focus..(long before the "fool" came around spouting his bulldung!)

    Watch he will come around a post saying I told you so..but the reality is he was just badmouthing STI and saying what anybody who has had experience putting new processes into place would tell you. What is telling, is that when I challenged him to give us a date when he thought the HTS wire deliveries would complete (or start)...he fell completely silent. Too bad jb0 and his minions don't understand the power of silence!

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    • You should take your own advice and stay quiet clown!

      I don't have to say it Robozo. We all know what a complete clown you are. Last month you spent a great deal of time arguing with me about the timing of the wire delivery. Saying I was deliberately being overly pessimistic with my 'late Feb - mid March' prediction. I said it multiple times so don't say I didn't give a date you little wea$el. You even made the inane comment below that you thought the wire for the cable demo had already shipped but they were waiting to make an announcement.

      Reply to "SCON having trouble with PROTOTYPE Wire"
      r2d2_n_c3po • Jan 20, 2013 8:02 PM
      "Yes, they certainly did have trouble using the 10M development line, but I'm not so sure that's true for their new 100M line. I think they have completed the delivery but are simply waiting for the demo cable to be completed."

      LOL! LOL! LOL! Always the clown that Robozo!!!!

    • Austin is shipping! And requests for Conductus Wire are expanding. In this month the December delivered RCE-CDR system completed its first process run. And between then and now processed the wire shipped from Austin for testing in a superconducting motor application. This is no short yardage gain.

      On the Careers page, the Process Engineer job-posting description includes, "implement new recipes, develop new quality metrics". Am I right thinking such various recipes go with the different purposed wire requests and the quality metrics are vital to confidence in product shipped? They are pleased enough in the several weeks since first RCE-CDR process run to now ship line goods. It is entirely prudent to approach that 'longest length requirement to date' cable demo order after adding tools and building operating experience with first shipments.

      A Good News day.

    • Wow, you actually sound like a normal person (at least with most of the first half of your post). Did you have a moment of sanity there? To bad Smeagol always comes along and takes its aways...

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