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  • indianasteve2002 indianasteve2002 Mar 6, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    Gamble before the earning

    Earning will be out tomorrow morning.
    I like to put 19K gambling money on this stock for 100K shares (currently on bid).
    Anyone who are nervious may sell your shares to me.
    The reason I am gambling is that no long ago, the company raised $2 million with offering price of $0.32,
    I am thinking that those who bought those shares at 0.32 could not be so stupid or just want to burn their money. So they must know somethign good that we don't know.

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    • 90,000 share bid at .19 remains at the close. I have a feeling this .20 +/- share price has been engineered for a purpose. Perhaps tomorrow we will learn if and why. Another private placement?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "Generally by virtue of limited powers of attorney and/or investment advisory agreements, KIA is the beneficial owner of 8,776,335 shares, or approximately 17.4%, of Common Stock. By virtue of the relationships described in Item 2 of this statement, KHCLLC and Mr. Kopp may have indirect beneficial ownership of the shares beneficially owned by KIA."

      "The net investment cost (including commissions, if any) of the shares of Common Stock directly or indirectly beneficially owned by Mr. Kopp, which includes shares beneficially owned by the other Reporting Persons, at December 18, 2012, was $18,295,225.06"

      His cost basis is almost $2!!!! In hindsight, very stupid foolish investment. But what keeps him in, taking huge paper losses? Purchased 1.3mil shares on the latest financing round. Obviously he's privy to inside information and sees huge potential return? Commercial production 2014, if company can show meaningful progress to that end, share price should move up significantly.

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      • I am thinking the same lines as you just did.
        A few interesing thing to pound on
        1. The company accumulated cap loss is more than $228 million
        2. The company currently owns 100 patents.
        So here is the question:
        If this company had no future (based on the current stock price), then the board should shutdown the operation long time ago. In other words, if we shut down the operaton right now and sell all the proterties and auction out the patens, I would think it will still generate more than $50 million.
        Depending on the value of the patent, the common average value per patent is around $1 million.

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