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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Mar 21, 2013 8:02 AM Flag

    Next up - new share offering

    Now that the share count has been reduced, and the cash pot is running dry, expect a new share offering of maybe 4 or 5 million shares.

    For those of you excited that Kopp bought shares - nothing more than window dressing in an attempt to get the stock price up before announcing that they'll be selling new shares. Just trying to paint a wonderful picture for those of you who will make a big deal out of it (as someone already has).

    Insider purchasing is not always positive - in this case, it's cheap marketing/advertising.

    Just wait, you'll see.

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    • Agreed. He picked up a couple thousand shares. He is in deep with losses so who knows what he is seeing. He likes losing money perhaps? I wonder if these losers (loser) who posts here pumping this POS daily is a paid Kopp employee? Not sure if that would be legal?? Worth a shot. Would love to see a prosecution. In any event, nobody in their right mind would buy this garbage. I suspect 7-10 M new shares coming in April ahead of them running out of money all together.

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      • What a clod you are! "He picked up a couple thousand shares". You are really the pathetic fool. You always try to downplay anything that might be positive and you claim your post "facts". When the real fact is that you post nothing but gross exageratins and lies

        He bought 9250 shares and to put that in perspective (You always like to refer to r/s effects) thats like buying 111,000 share before the split...not exactly a paltry amount! And the numbers show he still has the same holding that he had last December.

        And the only one I know for sure who is paid to post would be you! Which hedge fund do you work it one who is also a market maker for STI? That would explain a lot about how the manipulation in share price occurs!

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