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  • doubleyourbettwice03 doubleyourbettwice03 Dec 23, 2013 8:02 PM Flag

    hows my scon investment doing

    gonna be good for my kids

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    • today scon 38 percent
      optt 12 percent
      cur 9 percent

      my three holdings today
      broke a few windows

    • exactly....value trap!
      A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. However, maybe our kids will enjoy the investment......although by then the stock will only be worth a small % of your holdings since they diluted and reverse split the stock to nothing.

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      • Your comments are inane!

        While STI has gone through 2 r/s in the last 8 -10 years, and have financed themselves by selling shares all through that period, it hasn't stopped Kopp from investing millions of he personal funds AND of his clients throughout this same period. If your were to follow his purchases and see how much money has been invested and also the listed sales. comparing of course purchase prices to subsequent stock and sale prices you will see that a considerable amount of money has gone down the tubes...yet Kopp today, all by himself is the largest shareholder in STI AND he bought more last August. His clients are, if not the 2nd largest investment group, they are certainly in the top 5. Why is that? Does it seem that Kopp believes horrible things are going to happen or does he see the light at the end of the tunnel? We all know you are blind (or at the very least are paid to be! LOL !LOL! LOL!)

        BTW I find it interesting that the "fool" has not offered any comments on those presentations that Japan found! I'm guessing he can't find anything in them to compare negatively against SCON.

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