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  • demi_glaze demi_glaze Apr 6, 2011 3:47 PM Flag

    one more thing

    I think your all just discounting the audit issue..........
    It is the single most important issue involved with holding this stock at the present time ...You really have no idea what you hold just now..

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    • demi, I think you must have forgotten your pills this morning, wow, what a rash of posts. I truly hope you are right about where the stock is headed since it would be the buying opportunity of a lifetime....but not going to happen.

      An audit being the single most important thing. It is the exact opposite, a complete nonevent. All you have to ask yourself (and this is true for all companies) is who pays for the audit? That's right, the company, meaning they can get whatever answer or slant they want.

      I hope you make a ton of money in your picks. Cheers.

    • Demi,
      I apologize if my comments on the "I think" subject offended you and I really don't care how many shares you owned. The motivation behind your consistently negative posts on Virtra are suspect, which caused me to go back and review some of your prior posts.

      It's been my experience when a person posts negatively on an equity, they are either short or trying to negatively hype the stock to a lower price in order to buy cheaper.

      Since you can't short VTSI, I have to conclude the latter. You either want the price to go lower to buy back in cheaper, or you have such a grudge with Virtra or Longs, that you feel this forum is the only place you can vent.

      If you are against the RS, just say, “I sold, took my profits and moved on”, it only takes ONE post and then you can move on to greener pastures. If you’re looking to buy back in cheaper, state that and your target price. If it hits, you will be a hero and garner some respect from this board.

      If your motivation for the negative posts is some kind of grudge against Virtra or Longs, get some therapy, but not on this message board. I offer that advice sincerely.

      I respect shorts, and I respect those looking for a lower price because they make me re-evaluate my own position and rationale. Your posts lack rationale or reason behind your written words. Which brings me back to the first point; what's the motivation and objectives behind your posts? It would also be good if you put some DD behind your comments. I value negative comments with DD, or well founded opinion.

      You said, "I think you’re all just discounting the audit issue..........
      It is the single most important issue involved with holding this stock at the present time ...You really have no idea what you hold just now.."

      Considering you also said you were a long-term holder of the stock and just recently sold the last of your position; I guess you were discounting the lack of audits also? Before the RS proxy, how would you have responded to the recent job solicitation for a Controller/CFO? Would that have reduced your discount for unaudited records?

      My point being, all your comments are very confusing.

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      • Not confusing at all.. this was a pure pink slip play.. the 100 for 1 split changes the game dramatically .
        I expected a split some day.. but not as it is happening .. Grudge..? no..This has been a very good investment for me
        Its been my experience that if you don't like an opposing either disagree in a gentleman like way..stating your case....carrying on a discussion
        Why am i still here? ..simple.. I'm interested...., I have never seen a stock that has done what this stock has done..You yourself have stated that more then once.
        They are in good shape as far as we know...Because of the lack of an audit (when it was a pure pink slip ..i cared not) we don't know what they plan to do
        I want to see what happens so if i see it again I will be more informed as to the outcome.
        Look should be able to see from what i've told you...
        I hope you make 100% on your investment...It just will mean we did about the same on this stock regardless of our personal buy in price.
        It made perfect sense for me to sell the remaining shares i held.
        I don't want it to drop to a low price so i can buy in...If it does do what i think it will do.... there will be a lot of factors involved in my buying back in or not.
        If you like i'll join the bandwagon and pump like hell..I really don't care at this point.
        I hope you do well.....but.... do you think a buyin at .065..that becomes a $6.50 share at 100 to 1..with out an audit...keeping the same format as it is going to $10.00? $15.00? I hope your made the bet..Im just watching now

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