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  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Apr 20, 2011 9:13 PM Flag

    Here's what I like....

    I've already posted many times on the hard core reasons why a RS is the right thing to do so I will not revisit those, instead a few misc thoughts & observations....

    - There were hardly ANY shares for sale below .07 today between market open and the PR. I had a large buy order entered at .065 limit before the open and had to raise it to .068 before I eventually got a small partial fill of 40k shares, I then had to raise it to .07 where I finally got another 36.6k shares, then the PR comes out and I had to raise yet again to get a complete fill. Seems to me the shares are in strong hands and all we need is one or two big buyers and we will be heading up.

    - I love the fact that VirTra issued the PR today explaining their long range plan.

    - I love yesterday's PR on the explanation for the delay to early May and take Bob at his word, they did it simply because many had not voted. I don't believe it had anything to do with the yeas and nays. My guess is most small owners like me (and that is who owns VTSI now) ignore voltes like this and throw the envelopes in the garbage as soon as they arrive. In my case I voted online but did so after the official deadline because I didn't get the proxy until then. Why it took so long I don't know.

    - Lastly, anyone who doesn't understand what is happening and why needs to go back and listen to the 86 minute cc of a month or two ago. Every possible question was answered and a ton of extra info was laid out.

    VirTra is headed much higher...and I'm guessing it happens soon. Cheers.

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    • One positive thing about this whole RS business is that a lot of people who were not so confident of their holdings ended up selling... i.e. we shook a lot of weak hands out..

    • 100% in agreement.

      After the R/S there will be no shares for sale.Dilution has stopped completely.

      The company has the cash to buy and sustain the PPS above 4$.

      My prediction:
      Virtra will be on the NASDAQ in 2012, have net earnings of more than $ 4m for the year ending December 2012, and issue a cash dividend of $1 during fiscal 2013.

      What the company needs though is a better corporate governance, because the R/S matter has been handled poorly.

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