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  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 20, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    Is there anyone here who can attend the

    annual shareholder meeting on April 30?

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    • Sure for 100000 shares I will go

      Why would you waste your time to listen to the PR firm who started when the stock was in 8 cent range and is now 5ish? What could they possibly say that would make a difference? - my prediction is it gets rescheduled so don't buy an airline ticket yet.

      Based on LinkedIn there are 3 fewer employees at Virtra (Director of International sales left in jan - 27 on LinkedIn versus 30 a couple of months ago) so three possibilities:

      They are not growing (Not good)
      They are more productive (could be good)
      or a bunch of new employees that are not on LinkedIn (who knows but probably entry level)

      Volume stays low so no evidience insiders are buying.

      I have no idea which is true but seems wise to wait for financials since there is little news from Rudy to base any decisions on

      Wait and see if they file annual financials next week.

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      • 100,000 shares? That's all it would take? Bizarre.

        I was hoping someone here lives within 100 miles of Tempe so it would be easy to attend. I would also not buy a plane ticket due to last year's rescheduling.

        Shareholder meetings are GREAT things as long as you have the guts to ask tough questions. It is the ONLY time you can tlk directly to the CEO and be assured he will answer your question. It is also likely several rank and file employee owners will also be in attendance, good time to talk to them as well as you are eating stale cookies and warm juice.

        You guys are way too cynical. Stocks with $12mil in revenue are often not valued correctly and you need patience, sometimes a decade or more. I went through it with SSYS when they were the exact same size as VTSI, took a long time. Heck, stocks with billions in revenue and tons of analyst coverage are often valued wrong, just look at BAC even today or HTCH or......


      • Honestly, I have given up on this company. I am still holding my stock because I'm to stubborn to sell it at a loss, and I know it will rise again some day, to at least break even for me. I still love their products. I have been to GM in Lake Mary FL, and have shot on the ranges. I even took my 9 year old with me twice and we both had a blast.

        Management, whew, that is a whole other story. For what ever reason, they just don't give a rats #$%$ about us shareholders. Perhaps it is because we so adamantly shot down the RS when they proposed it a year or two back. To me, that was when I noticed news being posted less and less, and now they are like a mime in the park at midnight with the power out, and no moon. Not good for shareholder morale. Perhaps that is why we have such resistance at $0.05!

        Based on past meetings. I'm sort of siding with xxcrunner, chances are very likely that this meeting will almost certainly get postponed and or delayed at least once or even twice. In other words, I wouldn't completely reorganized my life around a "possible" meeting with this company. It is to bad, because I think their products rock! If I had to much money, I would put their products in my basement, if I had a basement (live in FL, not many basements here).

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