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  • quickmovesmiles quickmovesmiles Nov 16, 2012 9:07 PM Flag

    Zillow website hit's have dropped rapidly

    Alexa tracks website hits and Zillow was ranked 92 last summer and just this week has dropped from 105 to 107 today. This means the consumer is losing interest in housing for the winter and thus this quarter revenues and earnings will miss. This must be why Zillow management forecasted lower, being they saw website traffic slowing.

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    • Zillow is now ranked 112 on Alexa so it looks like you were correct in your assumption 6 weeks ago. Now that Zillow has stopped publishing monthly Unique User data the last information investors have is the 10-Q filing dated November 6 when it declared 36.096M users. In the accompanying text it states how important this metric is to the Zillow business. So important that it has stopped publishing the data every month the way it has done since it listed 18 months ago.

      One can only presume that the unique user data has been disappointing for October and November as it seems strange to cease providing the details, and with no communication as to why it no longer is providing this monthly information. Have I missed seeing any communication about this? It makes me think of Jim Cramers comment November 29 that 'Z is already declining in growth and anything less than stellar' will keep the stock being sold'

    • Just went to Zillow and using the w/site is not as user friendly as it was. Folks don't want to sign in to see info! Folks want a w/site that doesn't need to be refreshed to view links. It has been a few months since I last went looking, what have they done! Not sure I'll be back unless I have a precise address in mind...... ; (

    • I own a few websites and Alexa is known to be completely inaccurate. I wouldn't rely on that info because they don't have access to website analytics. Only the owners of websites with access to that information know for sure. Per the conference call unique users per month continues to trend up, which is the most important thing to pay attention to. Zillow has already achieved critical mass with it's website, meaning it's the destination of choice for home hunters and therefore RE agents.

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