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  • blind_stupid_luck_club blind_stupid_luck_club Dec 6, 2012 1:30 PM Flag

    Shorts Still out Spinning Fear, telling lies

    Games up dopers. The time to cover is now.
    You clowns are going lose your behinds big in January so you'd better hurry, Just think how big the shorts smack down is going to be when a judge throws out all of their phoney baloney lawsuits. Have you seen the bogus complaint? LOL - Good luck with that. The lawyers drawing up these documents should be disbarred and sent back to lawschool for wasting the courts time. People, thats TAX PAYER money and we all have reason to be #$%$ over this frivolous nonsense.
    Shorties days of whining and clawing are almost over.
    Hold you shares and sit tight for the 10 dollar pop right back up to where it all started.
    GLTA Longs!

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    • @ blind_stupid, I just read another of your posts on yahoo today - it could just as well have been about Zillow -perhaps you need do some research you will find it interesting reading how Zillow executives are cashing out $$$$$$$$$$'s in freebie stock options showing zero faith in the future. Why should any other investor have any faith when these guys with the 'expert insider knowledge' are all selling. Your other post was very perceptive.

      "Not really fake. We really do hate the CEO. Instead of just being honest and owning up to his over paid bloated pig salary, he obfuscates and hides behind the false veil of option grants to himself. So instead of his salary being paid for out of the company's coffers, he's got his hands all the way down into the shareholder's pockets and he's "playing with their junk". if you catch my meaning here...."

      You need to understand that many Z critics are complaining about Zillows #$%$ zestimates and their refusal to correct or delete substantially erroneous valuations on our homes. Nothing at all to do with shorting the stock or even interested in it.

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      • I know the question has been asked before, but please tell me again; what on gods earth serves as incentive for Zillow to incorrectly value your property? If their Algo needs tweeking, Im sure they're working on it - just to much at stake to be wrong! Also, is this as important as you make out if you're able to counter the value by posting your OWN estimate? Maybe Im dumb, but the only numbers Im looking at are the climbing unique vistors each month for over a year now.

      • It is not just the erroneous estimates, challenging the credibility of the algorithm, but also the volatility of those estimates, whereby the estimates can and do change dramatically on a weekly basis and sometimes more often. Then you have the massive change to the algorithm just prior to their IPO, when they changed the methodology and re-created history with no explanations offered. Also, when the real estate agent gets control of the website you have two things going on. In some instances (mine, as an example), you suddenly find two listings for the same address, with markedly different "Zestimates." Then you have another error factor in that it is up to the agent to update the zillow website when things like the price change. The house across the street from me has had its price lowered twice in the last six months but the agent has not updated the zillow listing, so the MLS listing shows a markedly lower price than zillow.

    • I will ditto THAT! What about the following are these shorts failing to comprehend:?

      "Unique visitors grew from 20 million in June 2011 to 34 million in June 2012, an increase of 70% in one year. Since June 2012, unique visitors have grown an additional 2 million per month to 36 million."!!!!!!

      Like the man said, ..."GAME'S UP" or ... GAME'S OVER!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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