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  • binheredonedat binheredonedat Dec 10, 2012 7:42 PM Flag

    Who is Behind the MASSIVE push to discredit Zillow and Trulia?

    Ive read you claims in this post and others, yet I am curious about what you perceive to be Zillows motivation? You've never really pinpointed exactly what it is that Zillow has to benefit by posting false information and then preventing you from changing it. I had no such experience with Zillow myself, but if you did, then Im still confused as to who would benefit by all of this (assuming that it was intentional)?

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    • I suggest that you should ask Zillow that question as there can be no benefit whatsoever to them having inaccurate data on their website they way they have millions of homes inaccurately valued currently. The only possible reason is that the Zestimate was Zillows 'gimmick' when they launched and used it to attract visitors to generate revenue and they wanted 'controversy' to generate even more public interest. Now that the display Ads represent a smaller proportion of revenue as Agents subscribe to Premier Agent etc then Zillow need to change their approach accordingly.

      It must be intentional as Spencer Rascoff the Zillow CEO has stated numerous times that Zillow does not correct erroneous zestimates. Its almost like he believes that the zestimate algorithm is infallible and therefore zestimates are written in stone. With such stubborn arrogance it is inevitable that Zillow will be subject to some form of regulation to put a stop to the nonsense that they impose and the way they do so. It makes you wonder what Rascoff has to gain from being so despised by millions of homeowners. At some future point in his career I am sure he will regret behaving in such a spiteful way to homeowners as he will struggle to justify any good reason for his current dictatorial behavior.

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