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  • binheredonedat binheredonedat Dec 10, 2012 5:40 PM Flag

    Who is Behind the MASSIVE push to discredit Zillow and Trulia?

    Why its none other than you local, friendly (not) neighborhood real estate brokerage firms and their #$%$ kickback driven mortgage, title search and mortgage insurance companies.
    They had the GOOSE that laid the GOLDEN EGGS for DECADES and then something happened beginning in the mid 80's onward: THEY GOT GREEDY!
    SOOOO Greedy in fact, that it all blew up in their faces when the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD got thrown in to the Abyss with the so called "Sub Prime" Meltdown. The after the fact reality has shown us that it wasn't just the so called "Sub Prime" loans that created risk, it was ALL of them as a result of the manner in which mortgages were packaged and sold. Over and Over and Over again. Add to that, huge conflicts of interest between Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers and Wall St. If any one's to blame for the MESS our country and in domino fashion, the ENTIRE Western world is in, it's these clowns. So why do they HATE Zillow? It takes away their power to set prices and LOOT your pockets at the same time. THEY F'D up,, NOW, it's time for them to move over and let a better system go to work to fix THEIR mess.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Me!

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      • These class action shenanigans are hilarious, everyone jumping on the bandwagon to try and stop a rising company. They will pass - people who don't understand Zillow's model and how the 'Zestimate' is just a directional tool for owners...not gospel...will get left behind. The game is changing, take a step back and look at the broader picture. People don't want to pay 6% to sell their homes, the data and information is out there, it's just a matter of time folks

    • When Zillow impose unwanted erroneous zestimates on private property the way they do, and refuse all requests from the homeowner to correct or delete their nonsense valuation they demonstrate unbelievable arrogance which is the principle reason they are one of the most despised US companies. They cyber trample over homeowners front yards and behave like some medieval baron the way they act in such a dictatorial way and treat homeowners with contempt when they make perfectly reasonable requests to correct substantial errors published by Zillow which are financially damaging to the homeowner.

      To make matters worst Zillow dont publish any contact details and force homeowners to make their complaint about incorrect zestimates on the Zillow Forum where they are subjected to vicious and hostile attacks from a bunch of cheerleaders that have made between 20000 and 35000 posts each. Consequently most complainers make 1 or 2 posts and give up. Zillow may think they are being very clever but eventually such unfair treatment of potential customers will backfire and bite their backside. Its probably already happening as the novelty value of zestimates erodes and consumers find more customer friendly websites.

      It obvious there is a problem when Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff writes in an email that he has a First Amendment right to publish any erroneous valuation on any home. What other CEO of a $1Bn Nasdaq company would make such an arrogant statement? So that in a nutshell why Zillow is such a discredited company. Add in the SEC investigation, the Shareholders Class Action, dis-satisfaction for lousy customer service and the question is very simple to answer.

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