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  • surbiton99 surbiton99 Dec 29, 2012 11:28 AM Flag

    Why hasn't Zillow published monthly Unique User data since September data?

    The last time Zillow published monthly unique user data was in the 10-Q filing dated November 6 when it declared 36.096M users. In the accompanying text it states how important this metric is to the Zillow business. So important that it has stopped publishing the data every month the way it has done since it listed 18 months ago. One can only presume that the unique user data has been disappointing for October and November as it seems strange to cease providing the details, and with no communication as to why it no longer is providing this monthly information. Have I missed seeing any communication about this? It makes me think of Jim Cramers comment November 29 that 'Z is already declining in growth and anything less than stellar' will keep the stock being sold'

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    • It looks like Zillow has risen to 85th in the Alexa rankings. While I don't think the Alexa rankings are a great indicator, I do wonder what Surbiton's explanation is?

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      • It's simple; Zillow acquired Mortech and Hotpads at the end of 2012 and would now include the monthly users from these sites in its combined Alexa ranking. That in itself could be hiding a serious lack of growth for Zillow itself, and may explain why they rushed the acquisitions the way they did. Just my 2 cents. Until Zillow publish the user details on February 13th there will continue to be speculation how good or bad their performance is.

    • Very interesting to read todays press release from Zillow announcing the Century 21 renewal quotes a monthly 34.7 unique monthly visitors for December 2012. WOW thats not flat, but a reduction from the 36 million visitors in September. Fascinating that Zillow announce this 5% reduction in users via a 'good news' press release rather than the usual SEC 8-K filing. Do they think they can get away with sneaking this disastrous news through the back door like this?

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    • Fascinating that the Zillow pushers on this board seem to have nothing to say about the vacuum of news on monthly Unique Users. When the company itself forecasts flat revenues in the 4th quarter, and the position on Alexa rankings drops from 87th to 112th, then the lack of information for the past 3 months is a concern for any serious investor. Unless of course you are a pumper and dumper like many on this board seem to be. Strange that Titwillow can update my substantially incorrect zestimate 3 times a week, but hasn't been able to update investors on unique users since early November when they published the September data.

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