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  • blind_stupid_luck_club blind_stupid_luck_club Jan 1, 2013 11:48 PM Flag

    FINALLY! We are ready to throw the SHORTS off the "Fiscal Cliff"

    Too many of these chumps are on the wrong side of the trade as observed in the many posts of desperation and whining here. Now they can prepare to die by FIRE as the economy heats up. Fiscal Cliff Issue has passed, thank goodness, and for the time being the shorts are stranded without a credible issue. (no, the algorithm is not a "credible", VALID, issue)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Well, not really, at least as far as Z is concerned. Most dot coms don't bounce back from their first couple of bloody noses.

      The Z short coverage is still 45 days off (if ever), by which point several of the stop gaps on the current Fiscal Cliff will be expiring and back into the headlines (which will bum out the markets again). And in what can only be termed unfortunate hindsight timing, not far behind that will be Z's delayed numbers (which unless they're under a self-gag due to some sort of Due Dilligence deal (which would be greatness), is likely an overdue reality check about past optimism and future cost cutting).

      Yes, Z may absolutely rise over the next month in sympathy with the general Market bump and January Effect. But if you're searching for some diversity thru a Real Estate play, I'd pick the actual Banks & Lenders themselves who will be first in line to profit rather than an optionally by-passed market maker.

      Regards and happy investing in 2013,

      Disclaimer: No present position in Z (closed out and fortunate in the plus during 2012), and no affiliation past or present.

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