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  • jimmineejonze jimmineejonze Jan 3, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    Surbiton, you are a liar.

    You may have made it clear, but if you are telling the truth, your obsession is based upon a falsehood and a lie. Not only does Zillow refuse your request for revaluation, they ENCOURAGE YOU DOOFAS!!!
    Zillow has a space JUST BELOW THE Z Estimate for the owner to provide THEIR OWN ESTIMATE!!
    USE IT OR QUIT YOUR BELLYACHING. Actually, I believe that the true basis of your whining is NOT motivated by the Z Estimate or you would have put your own estimate in the box and be done with it.
    Here's a cut and paste:
    Value Range 30-day change $/sqft Last updated
    Zestimate What's this? $346,273 $267K – $523K -- -- 12/31/2012
    Rent Zestimate What's this? $2,410/mo $2K – $3.3K/mo -- -- 12/31/2012
    Owner Estimate
    Post your own estimate

    Just click on it Dypsquatt! You've lost ALL Credibility here, completely and totally!

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    • You obviously have problems with reading or comprehension as you would have read my comments in a previous thread a few days ago that Zillow has banned me from there website so I can't claim my home - let me remind you what was written previously

      "You are correct I am not a Zillow 'customer' and would never engage in any business voluntarily with such a disreputable company. They have imposed a nonsense valuation on my home and refuse all reasonable requests to correct or delete the erroneous valuation. Because I complained they banned me from their website demonstrating their double standards eg 'we have a First Amendment right to peddle any garbage valuation of your home but if you persistently complain we will 'cyber confiscate' your home', so that I am denied any ability to correct missing / incorrect details that they claim influence zestimates. The zestimate was already substantially incorrect but reduced a further $30,000 when they took control of my home the way they did. I suppose you would just roll over and passively accept such a situation if it happened to you?

      Don't believe me? then just go to the Zillow website, click on Advice and enter 'Surbiton' in the search field and all will become clear. I would not invest 1 cent in Zillow as it is doomed. Just think how many companies have an SEC investigation and shareholders class action in the first 16 months as a listed company. Their whole attitude towards homeowners who complain about nonsense zestimates screams lack of integrity, arrogance, harassment and zero ethics, just to name a few characteristics of the Zillow fatcat executives who keep selling their freebie / low cost stock options at every opportunity to make themselves rich at the misery of homeowners who they abuse by imposing ridiculously inaccurate zestimates."

      It is important that investors understand the way companies carry out their business and treat 'consumers'. No company will ever be successful long term if it treats consumers as badly as Zillow does. It seems to enjoy the controversy that its nonsense zestimates create and seemingly believe that it helps them generate revenues.

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      • Im sorry you got yourself banned my friend. Try not to let your emotions reign tho. Zillow isn't going to go out of business for their decision to "ban" an irate and disturbed customer. There could be a hundred people like you and it wouldn't be a BLIP on their bottom line. Trust me. At any rate, get some sleep. Go post your home on the Zillow Wannabe site, Trulia and try to get over it. If you cant? Seriously dude, GET SOME HELP (we're talking Psychiatric). This stock has no resistance up into the 35 area and I suspect we're going there.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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