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  • jimmineejonze jimmineejonze Jan 7, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Give it up Surbiton99 - You lose!

    But the longer you wait, the more painful its going to be.
    I do want to congratulate you on your tenacity and your "creative writing", a rational mind such as yours should be put to better use. HEY! I've got an idea! You could get a job writing smear pieces for those sleazy Wall St. Greenmailing lawyers? Oh, wait....what have I said! LOL!!!!

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    • How many times do I have to explain that my complaint with Zillow is about a nonsense zestimate on my home and the arrogant way they refuse all reasonable requests to correct or delete. Very simple isn't it and no creative writing required to explain my grievance. Just because the stock went up today on some rumor or other doesn't mean recovery. As the saying goes "one swallow doesn't mean it's springtime" and the same applies with Z stock price. Just too much bad news out there and according to Yahoo February 13th is when 4th quarter numbers will be released. Then we will see whats really going on.

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      • SURBI!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!
        There was no rumor out there today. The PULLBACK IS OVER!
        It's attributable to one simple fact; we've exhausted the shorts rally. It's over for them - at least for now. If you want to talk about rumors? In my book the biggest "rumor" around here is your bloated phoney grievance. YES! IT' is a "rumor" as far as most here are concerned. While you may not be the only person with such a grievance, you are far and away in the minority. As for explaining? Yeah, you've got some explaining to do. It's been pointed out countless times here by myself and others that until you screwed up your situation with Zillow, presumably by being overly aggressive, you HAD the ability to put your own valuation in there. Then they canceled your account and refuse to talk to you. My suggestion would be this; Open an account under a false but similar name. Claim to be the owner (no they don't verify). Open an new Yahoo ID and use it as your account email for their verification purposes and then YES! By all means go in there and tell every one in the world the "REAL" value of your home *wink *wink. But lets get back to the lie; you're not about the phoney estimate excuse and it's plain as day. Why don't you just come clean and tell us the truth?
        - You are one of or work for the lazy lawyers who couldn't come up with a better fraudulent greenmail?
        - You're a two bit short who's already underwater and afraid of losing your life's savings on a wrong minded call.
        - Your EX is married to the founder of Zillow and he stole your wife.
        - You work for or have an investment in one of Zillow's competitors.
        - You're a crazed, unemployed, OCD individual who should be seeking psychiatric help.

        Pick one, Anyone. Any one of them would be more plausible than the idea that you go to such great lengths, wasting everyones time but especially your own, explaining each and every thing that you HOPE is wrong with this company, all because somebody said your $100 dollar tricycle is only worth $75!

        I've got a better idea for you. Instead of wasting your time defending a short position in Zillow. Go over to the EXAS board and defend that #$%$. There's more than one loon over there who will engage you all day long! Look for a poster whose ID is Mstevens. You two would make a nice pair!

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