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  • surbiton99 surbiton99 Mar 22, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    March Madness

    March Madness = Zillow with a $55 share price, $1.87Bn Market Cap and a P/E ratio of 306.

    All built on smoke and mirrors with little to sustain it with Unique Users basically flat if you exclude overpaid acquisitions that confuse the facts about the underlying performance of Zillows core business. No wonder advertising revenues are shrinking as a percentage of total revenues. The Premier Agent subscriptions will struggle to be maintained as the churn from disillusioned agents will be higher than the sweatshop sales force can cover. Don't believe me? read the comments from Zillow sales employee on Glassdoor.

    Glassdoor comment that "Zillow is glorified telemarketer"
    So much for Zillow being a technology company when an employee describes it as a glorified telemarketing sweatshop on Glassdoor. Investors need to understand that throwing bodies at telesales to sign up Premier Agents only works in short term as the cost of sales is as high as the revenue won. Citron Research made this same comment 6 months ago and it seems little has changed since.

    "The company and culture was presented as a great place to work , with the opportunity to make good money. The truth is it's a glorified call center/telemarketing job. Days are always 10-12 hours, just to hit your minimum requirements. 150 phone calls; encouragement to come in early, stay late and eat lunch at your desk to continue working. The pay will never equal the amount of work you put in. 170% of quota will have you under 100k.
    It's very stressful and extremely unprofessional. Very noisy while on the phone. I have been told by customers that it sounds like a circus. And the turnover is outrageous!! Every other week, more empty seats for those who have been fired or simply quit.
    I would NOT recommend this position to anyone!!"

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    • so why not be long ZIPR and short Z?

    • Greg Schwartz the chief revenue officer for Zillow explained at the Investor day that Zillow has

      " a robust sales team of about 200 folks based in our Seattle headquarters, and also in Irvine, California. This is a world-class rigorous inside sales organization, carefully measured and quantified, run almost like a military operation, we like that. We like that a lot."

      Read the former employees comment on Glassdoor in the previous post and you read "circus" and "sweatshop" rather than "world class", or "military operation" . I guess Mr Schwartz has been drinking too much Zillow kool aid.

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