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  • pwgunny pwgunny May 1, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    This stock was $25 in January.

    This p/e is 320%. I can't blieve how this stock continues to defy logic. Earnings coming out on May 2. This should be interesting. CRAZY!!!

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    • The valuation of Zillow and Trulia is result of manipulations of the incubators
      who wanted to sell all their junk to investors and scalping buying idiots.

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      flankenking flankenking • 13 hours ago Flag0 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply The market-cap of Zillow is a joke, if you compare:

      Business Outlook of Zillow with 1,750 million market cap: Zillow says it expects first-quarter sales of $36 million to $37 million, better than the $35.4 million analysts had been expecting, according to Thomson Reuters. That are about 160 million in 2013.

      Fiscal 2013 Financial Guidance of Local Corp with 36 million market cap:
      Revenue - The company expects 2013 revenue of between $93 million and $95 million, which at the mid-point, is an increase of 12 percent, over the fourth quarter 2012 exit run rate.
      Adjusted Net Income – Adjusted Net Income for 2013 is expected to be at least $5 million.

      Zillow has with 160 million revenues in 2013 against the 94 million of Local Corp only the 1.7-fold revenues, but with 1,890 million market-cap against the idiotic low 38 million of Local Corp the 50-fold market-cap.

    • i didn't know pe's were expressed as percentages tx for the finance lesson

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