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  • onemarket_under_god onemarket_under_god Nov 1, 2004 8:37 AM Flag

    Bush will not get my vote this time

    As a fiscal conservative and admirer of Reagan Republican era, I have to say I am very uneasy with policies of Bush and company who have hijacked conservative movement for some dubious agenda and have run up such huge deficit. I liked Bush's strong military approach but lately feel that he took his eyes off the ball. He has pushed America into an unwinnable war in Iraq at huge cost. I am also waiting on denial about calims in dems ad that Bush's lawyers James Baker and company are representing Suadi kings in law suit filed by 9/11 families ? Alternative in Kerry is not inspiring but I am coming to terms with the decision of not supporting Bush for four more years. Please pray I make the right choice.

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    • You are-we need to get the deficit under control and scale back the unaffordable tax cuts.

    • "As a fiscal conservative and admirer of Reagan Republican era,.." IMHO you are flat out liar with this premise. I base my opinion on the rest of your post.

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      • Give me a break!!! If People here are truly concerned about fiscal conservitism why on earth would you have any qualms about voting against Bush. the man and his administration are the most Unconservitive Republicans in the history of theis country. Please! Even a Democrat would have a hard time keeping up with the non-stop spending GW and crew have done. This is a President that has not veto-ed 1 spending bill in his entire tenure! Instead he has outspent every president in the Long history of our nation.

        My sentiment is this, If you are a true Republican you should vote for sanity and vote Kerry plain and simple. Bush is a Liar, and arrogant in the extreme a person who cannot admit to any mistakes or wrong doing! And in addition to this travesty his adminstration is in lock-step with him. Very Scary!!!!

        We need and end to this unilateralist and his crazy cold war era politics.


    • the_millionaire_next_door the_millionaire_next_door Nov 1, 2004 10:18 AM Flag

      Keep in mind that the decrease in long-term capital gains and the lower dividend tax rate are in jeopardy under Kerry. Bush is not perfect, but he's better for business and investment, IMO.

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