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  • mkapostasy mkapostasy Apr 4, 2000 5:31 PM Flag

    What a Great defensive Play?????

    Nasdaq has worst sell of in History today and RPM
    still Loses 6%. (Nasdaq down 1.77%)

    If RPM had
    any growth potential it should have gained at least

    at a 20% Discount the DAQ Looks like the place to

    I bet I have a better chance to double my $$$ in
    the Tech Market in the next 5 years than in

    RPM is for the old timer who is looking for a fat
    dividend. Any one under 50 and is looking for growth and is
    very sensative to correction. Try P&G / GE.

    Otherwise Blue Chip techs are the only way to

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    • Your post was right on the money!

      recently finished a 6-month competitive analysis on the
      industry... the bad news for RPM shareholders is it is going
      to very ugly in the next 2-5 years. Based on trend
      analysis (strategic sales/marketing) they are, quite
      frankly, pitiful. Even if they start doing smart things
      today...the future will get far worse before it gets
      better... and NO I don't own any fact after my
      analysis I plan on finding work grudge
      either...just makes for a smart career move...

    • lots of money by management? If you have made
      lots of money as a contractor that is fine. They do
      have a lot of good quality products.

      has a long way to go. You have to wonder what will
      happen when the next generation takes over completely?
      What do you think?

    • Looks like all is the same here! I was a big man in the military. A General or something. I know the RPM management is good because they have helped me make lots of money.

    • there was an implied threat of personal violence
      in the post. It certainly was out of line, and could
      be removed by Yahoo! if I requested it to

      On CMGI, speaking for myself alone, that security
      was used to compare the merits of a "tech" stock to
      RPM by "XXX". I brought it up to show the inherent
      volatility, and thus risk to capital, in the over-valued tech
      market viz a viz a basic materials, "old economy" stock
      like RPM.

      As for "playing with numbers",
      because most posters that slam RPM are actually
      suggesting short term, or day trading, tactics rather that
      "investing", I refer to the NASDAQ-Comp as a benchmark, again
      to show the extreme volatility that can occur when
      the market does not continue to perform as it
      "always" has [i.e. those techs don't always go up,
      eventually will have to be valued more along fundamental
      terms than upon relative terms, each company having to
      support its stock price via the "old" method known as
      earnings, etc. Sky high stock prices, especially on margin,
      cannot continue. Obviously, recent market movement is an
      indication of a change in weather...we are beginning a bear
      market in my opinion.

      As for bringing up RPM over
      a five-year period, in my specific case, that
      doesn't apply for the following reason: I stated here
      earlier, I sold my holdings in RPM immediately after RPM's
      last announced split. Actually, not immediately, since
      I held the capital gain over into January of the
      following year for tax purposes. My position in RPM was
      initiated in 1991, with several subsequent purchases during
      that time frame. Also, as stated, I recently
      repurchased RPM as a portfolio diversification to lessen fisk
      exposure to the high techs. The performance of RPM during
      my hiatus, other than creating a current
      undervaluation that can be expoited, has little to do with
      conditions going forward into the market environment of
      inflationary pricing and rate hikes. Thus far, this RPM
      strategy has worked, at least for me. As stated, I am
      profitable on the investment. This does not imply that I do
      not have tech stocks, nor large cap stocks. I have
      several, mostly communications related. And it does not
      imply that I do not intend to acquire tech stocks in
      the future. Valuation is a determining factor...for
      me. Momementum means nothing other than heartbreak
      for a majority of American households employing this
      "investment" strategy.

      At any rate, the post implied a
      physical threat. My response to it, appropriate or not, is
      a guarantee of probable outcome should the
      threatened violence actually be attempted.

    • threaten? I must have missed it, because I
      re-read the post three times and I can't find it. Please

      As for the rest of his message, he did point out an
      intereting point about everyone who posts on this board
      being long and still bickering like school children.
      That being said, I didn't particularly agree with the
      gay bashing manner in which he delivered his

      On a seperate note, The person (MR Newman), whom I
      believe is using a second alias (I have inkling as to who
      it is), seems to dwell on a comparison with CMGI. I
      question this comparison and his reasons for posting. All
      his posts are usually vulgar and disrespectful of the
      poster. Some of them may be deserving, but why revert
      back to the same form that you detest. I await Mr
      Newman's comments on the stock and the company and ask him
      to refrain from using the second alias to play in
      the mud.

    • never ceases to amaze me that people shall
      RPM on this and other boards ie money invested
      elsewhere has/had better return. my tech holdings are doing
      better than RPM but then the techs have not seen a bear
      economy, with indicators down in FEB we be heading
      if you don't cotton to RPM then fine, if you are
      unable/unwilling to post something to add value to the discussion
      please exit and take your cranial diarrhea with thee.

    • What I am tlking about is you say RPM performed
      well yesterday when it suits you. Or RPM has been a
      great investment if you held it for 15 years. The fact
      is, the stock performance sux over the past two
      years. 3 months ago you would have trashed anyone who
      compared the rate of return on the NASDAQ to RPM saying
      that they were different. Yesterday, when the NASDAQ
      had a bad day, you started comparing the

      You must be a "journalist" or a "teacher" because you
      seem to know everything and think you can twist facts
      and words to "prove" a point, but in fact you are

      Someday you will slip and actually be sarcastic to
      someone in person and they will slap your fag ass off
      your feet.

      Until then, enjoy surfing the
      internet for porn and posting on message boards you
      perverted geek.

      I am gone off this board and won't
      be back to read any of your crap. I don't own this
      garbage and after looking at it, wouldn't touch it with
      your money. It is funny. I monitored this board and I
      can honestly tell you that no other board is quite
      like it. Other boards have the long/short battles, but
      I have never seen long/long battles like you have
      here. Some longs have come to the conclusion that the
      stock sux, but for some reason they don't

      Ps Bite down harder on the pillow, or get some KY.
      The neighbors can hear you.

    • the NASDAQ Composite did indeed turn red for the
      year 2000 as it busted through assumed "firm support"
      @ 3750.

      I have no clue on whatever else it
      is you're talking about, other than that, through
      your unwarranted profane outburst here, you expose
      yourself as an imbecile.

      Apparently, you're upset
      with the fact that my investment in RPM is postive,
      this after a great hue and cry here from obscene
      posters such as yourself about how "bad" an investment in
      RPM is. For the record, RPM survived right well
      yesterday under the circumstances, and has recovered well
      enough indeed today. I think RPM will continue to
      outperform a ridiculously overvalued tech market into the
      next two quarters. You're free to believe whatever you
      want. Far be it from me to prevent you from proving
      your idiocy here.

    • >>Nasdaq has worst sell of in History today
      and RPM still Loses 6%.
      >>If RPM had any
      growth potential it should have gained at least

      If what you say is true, you should be able to name
      scads of defensive stocks that gained 10%. Obviously
      you cannot.

      Go ahead, use plenty of margin on
      your earnings-free tech portfolio. And don't answer
      the phone on days like this.

      • 1 Reply to alfred_e_newmann0
      • I'll tell you this much though, I'm still
        profitable on my investment in RPM!...up to this point.
        Thus, RPM has indeed outperformed the near term market,
        and Schroder's upgrade call was correct.

        point about "worst NASDAQ sell off" versus "RPM down
        6%" makes little sense if, in either case, you held
        the index or the stock. Besides, NASDAQ is in the red
        so far in 2000, isn't it? If you were trading that
        index today, it probably wouldn't have been a good day
        to answer the phone!

        RPM's portfolio value is
        that it lessens risk. Clearly, posters have to see the
        extreme volatility in the NASDAQ market? RPM relatively
        speaking was FAR less volatile. And relative to a
        comparison to CMGI [since that WAS used as a benchmark
        against which to compare RPM here] I'm STILL profitable.
        No way can a claim made about an investment in CMGI
        at $120 is profitable hit $70 intraday
        today! RPM hasn't shed THAT much percentage wise in a
        year's worth of trading! And, least it be ignored,
        there's that RPM CASH dividend that is scoffed at by, as
        Al puts it, those "earnings-free tech

        This fight ain't over by a long shot, given that break
        down of NASDAQ-Comp "support" two times today.
        Tomorrow the market might well be up over today's close,
        but this is a bear market you are in...and
        fundamental valuation, not "relative" valuation is now the
        key to protecting capital. But do go ahead and leave
        your provisions on the picnic table. The bears will be
        around shortly to releave you of them...hope you didn't
        hike too far into the back country...hiking takes might sorely miss that grub the bears took down
        the trail aways.

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