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  • mr_whippet_2001 mr_whippet_2001 Jun 29, 2011 7:47 PM Flag

    insiders added 800,000 units

    Now we know why they gave themselves raises!

    I'm not too impressed. I have a low opinion of this management team. They basically gave themselves free shares.

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    • This stock may hit a new low as June comes to an end. This is not the time to panic the low will be short lived and is necessary in order to compress and build support for the move back to the low .30 range. After that it will take a rise in natural gas prices by either a scortching hot summer or a cooler fall that makes gas futures uptick. Some great news with the California black gold would be big. Also more insider buying to increase the confort zone But That sums up the five scinarios to move us back up. So buy what you can here and sit back kiss June goodbuy (pun intended) and enjoy your July 4th weekend.