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  • beerstuff99 beerstuff99 Apr 10, 2010 7:37 PM Flag

    Barons Article

    Buy some put options next week.

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    • I read it too, and I think the stock will fall to about 18. At that point, load up on it, because, no matter what the article implies, it will be a lot easier for some major like Exxon to acquire this company and its technology than start from scratch with fueling stations.

      If the Energy bill passes, that's almost certainly what will happen. Someone referenced Westport Innovations receiving a negative blow from Barron's a few months ago, but over ten percent of their stock has recently been acquired by a guy who doesn't often bet wrong. My take is that he is pretty confident the bill is going to pass. Don't forget: Pelosi owns it.

      That said, I sold my CLNE--I was just lucky, having bought it at six and I just couldn't resist the urge when it hit 21. But, I've regretted it ever since. If it gets to 18, I'll be right there beside you buying it back.

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      • i think the writer underestimates the size and number of contracts heading our way

        you all know i have been waiting forever for the walmart contract

        what does the stock do on that day when and if we get that contract ?

        if i were clne i would call up one of the biggies they are near closing the deal with and ask if they could announce something monday to balance the barons article

        and besides isnt all publicity good publicity?

        oh any buy the say.....anyone know the price pickens options are priced at and what are its rules ?

        must admit
        15 million options is a pretty big rig

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