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  • stockeropinion stockeropinion Dec 4, 2010 12:07 PM Flag

    Boone Overestimated US

    One of the reason the Republicans took control of the house in my view was to push the NAT GAS bill and help america with job growth. The bill would no doubt help our economy BIG TIME! I personally thank I might vote all the Republicans out that don't support this NAT GAS bill next go around and if they drag there legs on this. Here is an article below that shows you how pathetic our congress about our NAT GAS resources. Can Obama speak anymore on this. What is his problem. I don't hear Obama at all talk about what the potentials are good or bad for pushing NAT GAS or pushing the Nat GAS bill. You get oil and Gas spills Big money must be holding his hand too.

    U.S. Natural Gas Cries Out for Export

    By Jim Cramer
    RealMoney Columnist
    12/3/2010 5:34 PM EST
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    We've got news out today in an important trade publication showing that South America has now gone from self-sufficiency in natural gas to net importer, as Argentinean production has now peaked. Given that Argentina is perhaps the largest user of natural gas for vehicles in the world, the continent will have no choice but to press the U.S. producers to export as much of its cheap natural gas as possible.

    That means that perhaps as early as 2013, we will become an important exporter of natural gas. Shortly thereafter, we will be in the simply ridiculous situation of importing a huge amount oil and shipping out our super-low-cost natural gas at the same time.

    The current regime in Washington is oblivious to how much natural gas we have and how cheaply it is produced -- the Department of Energy has specifically said that the possibility of our nation being a big exporter of natural gas simply is unrealistic. But the demand out of South America for natural gas will make it inconceivable that we don't become a huge exporter, given the incredible long-term glut we would otherwise have and the ease with which the commodity can be shipped overseas.

    Put simply, we are becoming the lowest-cost producer of this fuel and also are offering no incentives to use it. Argentina is hooked on natural gas for cars and has no way to get off it.

    Can anyone politically get behind such a proposition and not seem ridiculous? As my friend and colleague Matt Horween says, it will become ludicrous when this bizarre situation happens.

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    • In case you weren't watching, the Republicans killed the Nat Gas act in this Congress. Reid wanted to move forward, but the Republicans held this and everything else hostage to the extension of the Bush tax cuts for over 250K.

      I expect the Republicans will support the Pickens Plan in the next Congress. After all, Boone is a natural ally. And it appears that the current tax bill extends the 50 cent per GGE credit.

    • macgardner Dec 17, 2010 5:15 PM Flag

      Total Baloney, straight from the mouths of FOX "entertainers" who admit that they are NOT journalists, and therefore don't need to tell the truth anymore than the blue collar comedy bunch. IT'S ENTERTAINMENT, you see, not News. Obama pushed the energy bill in about 20 major speeches in July and August leading up to an August scheduled vote. Republican Mitch McConnell filibustered the bill, because of purely political reasons. Thinking that he could bring republicans on board after the November elections, Harry Reid rescheduled the vote for Nov. 17th, when McConnell circled the wagons and pressured the few republican votes to join another filibuster. He now says he won't pass anything that the democrats author for the next two years. What a patriot! His reasons for opposing the bill are:
      1. He's from Kentucky, a big coal producer and doesn't want competition from Natural Gas, or anything to "clean coal" which can be achieved as a power generating source, for $0.28 per kwh, more than triple average rates for Nat Gas and Hydroelectric power. Coal gives huge sums of money to republican candidates in the form of PAC "contributions."
      @. Ther republican party gets 85 percent of Big Oil PAC money. McConnell doesn't want to offend either SUGAR DADDY when big oil has a total monopoly on vehicle fuel and doesn't want to surrender it. If the Nat Gas ever passes, (and I doubt it with the new republican house majority and the gain of 6 senate seats, largely funded by...Big Oil and coal) it would be like biting the hand that feeds (or elects) you. There were a couple of other minor issues which were publicized, but those two were the "meat" of the opposition. If the repubs turn their back again, we'll be paying $5.50 per gallon for gasoline again, which will send us into another recession, as it helped to do 4 years ago.

    • placed in the aiport with access to individuals is a great Win.

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