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  • robertnupstatecarolina robertnupstatecarolina Feb 2, 2012 3:15 AM Flag

    CLNE & NAV will lead America's new Energy Policy

    You said the Republicans are more to blame. Did you know that the Republican controlled house has generated over 25 bills for oil and gas drilling to put America back to work. but most of those bills are being held up in the Democrat controlled Senate. Senator Harry Reid is the control guy in the senate. If he says no then all his Democrat buddies go along with it.

    I'm predicting all that will change November 2012, when the Republicans will control not only the house, but also the senate.

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    • it is more complicated than that. it is said these bills are held up becasue of all the other things attached to them. But it is also not a given that the Democrats won't regain their lost seats either. It is still fresh in our memory how USA was put on the highway to hell by Bush. Some thought it would lead to a depression and take 100 years to recover from the damage. Obama has not done everything right, but you have to admit we are doing a lot better, finally adding jobs, corporations earnings improving. May not be enough as of yet but do you think America wants to put the Republicans back in already? Before we destroy ourselves again, give the Democrats at least another term to get us back on the right track. When we get going great guns again, and get heady and optimistic, then people might consider handing some control back to the financially reckless Republicans. The only reason the republincans got the additional seats was anger at Pelosi and the fact that it was taking Obama more than a year to fix everything. OK OK but 3rd year things are looking better finally. This sense we may be in recovery and improvement mode is just what the Repubilcans didn't want. Maybe we are getting back on our feet despite republicans. I don't know, but we aren't ready to go back into free fall mode just yet. Romney is the best the GOP has, but better than Newt for sure. However, Obama has met quiite a few big challenges head on. His recent state of the Union had a 91% approval rating across listeners. Americans like what he is saying, his reasoning. He talked about the bills why they are not signed - he also gave clear cut instructions on how to write bills he'd sign. 91% of America liked it. Romney may be popular with republicans but broader America seems to see him as 'hiding income from the IRS' 'hiding investments in the Cayman Islands', making 21 million a year and only paying 14%. saying what he thinks people want to hear, but not really as if his voice represents his inner convictions (insincere). There are plenty ofthings I don't like about Obama, and any cancdidate but for the time being Obama is earning my trust while Romney and Newt are losing it. But I will decide on election day who I am voting for.

    • and Big Oil's response!


      Pickens, who made his fortune as a Texas oilman, started turning his focus to natural gas in early 2010 in a bid to rebuild his portfolio after taking major losses in oil and equities trading.

      That marked a reversal from an ambitious plan to build what would have been the world's largest wind farm in the Texas panhandle, a $10 billion planned investment he announced with much fanfare in 2008 and a year later backed away from as the global credit crunch made it harder to finance.

      One of the barriers to wider adoption of natural gas as a transportation fuel has been the lack of a distribution system comparable to the United States' extensive network of retailers selling gasoline and diesel.

      Pickens' Clean Energy has unveiled a plan to open 150 stations selling liquefied natural gas, with plans to open 70 in 33 states by the end of this year.

      Picken's advocacy of converting heavy trucks from diesel to natural gas has won the support of President Barack Obama and some members of Congress but come under withering attack by his colleagues in the oil industry. Hess Corp CEO John Hess last year told a Washington forum he considered the idea "just stupid policy."

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